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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Shanghai

China’s most populous city and chief financial center is one of the most dynamic destinations in the world where to begin your international career. A true global city with connections around the world throughout many areas of business and commerce, an internship abroad in Shanghai will set you to work in a central location to the international jobs sphere, while also immersing you within one of Asia’s youngest and most exciting megacities. Feel up to the task?

Internships in Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the largest and most interconnected cities in the world, so as you can imagine there are opportunities to intern across pretty much the entire spectrum of professional opportunity. Whether your career aspirations lay in international trade or architecture, art history or journalism, business or anything beyond, there is a little bit of something for everyone to choose from for an internship abroad in Shanghai.

While the language barrier may appear to be a daunting challenge, there are many internships abroad in Shanghai which are offered in English by multinational companies or organizations, and you will also discover in everyday life that many of the younger Chinese generation can speak English fluently too. This being said, making the effort to learning Mandarin Chinese remains the best way not only to secure the best internships abroad in Shanghai, but also to make your life much richer in everyday life beyond.

For those who want to intern abroad in Shanghai and are still pursuing their studies, there are many internships which can also combine your daily work with the opportunity to take courses for academic credit. Why not make the extra effort to advance both your career and degree tracks during your experience?

Life in Shanghai

While there are other metropolitan areas around the world which are larger, Shanghai stands alone as the most populous city-proper on the planet. Nearly 25 million citizens live within Shanghai’s city limits, a phenomenon which will significantly come to shape your perspective of urban life in China during your internship abroad. The population density can be overwhelming at times as an outsider, but you will soon come to embrace the hustle and bustle as just another defining aspect of one of the world’s most imposing cities.

Shanghai first began to flourish during the 19th century when China opened its doors to global commerce, and quickly grew into one of the most important ports and financial centers in the entire world. To this day, little has changed regarding this reputation. There is a palpable sense of importance while living and working in Shanghai, which rivals other Asian megacities such as Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore in global influence.

As an intern abroad in Shanghai’s workforce you will undoubtedly come to feel this prestige firsthand; but more importantly, as a young person, you will still have the freedom to explore and have fun. From the ancient monuments and museums to mouthwatering food and electric nightlife to easily accessible travel throughout the rest of the countryside, Shanghai can offer you an experiential journey like no other city on earth.

Salaries & Costs

While not all internships abroad in Shanghai are paid, you will usually at least be compensated by some other means such as housing, meals, or transportation in return for your work. While significantly more expensive than rural areas in China, Shanghai at the same time remains much more affordable than other major global cities such as, say, London, Paris, or Tokyo. Landing an internship abroad in Shanghai can thus be a thrifty choice at the center of one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

Accommodation & Visas

Many global young professionals choose to live in their own apartment while they intern abroad in Shanghai, either individually or with other international roommates. Some internships abroad in Shanghai will also offer the option for alternative housing, such as a homestay with a local family. Pudong, Lujiazui, and Jinqiao are a few examples of districts popular among expats; look into these and others, while keeping in mind factors such as affordability, public transportation, and proximity to your work.

You will also need to obtain a visa in order to intern abroad in Shanghai, which may differ depending on your home nation, the length of your stay, and whether or not you will be earning pay for your services. Your host employer or internship provider will generally endorse you throughout this process; in the meantime, you can check out our Chinese Embassy Directory for more information regarding your individual circumstances.

Benefits & Challenges

Pacific Standard. Hosting the world’s busiest container port along the East China Sea, Shanghai has risen over the past two centuries to be the most important center of commerce for the entire Pacific Ocean. Not a bad reputation to boast of.

Dynamic Growth. Shanghai is the financial center of the fastest growing economy in the world, and what has spread from that is something you have to experience for yourself. An internship abroad in Shanghai is about much more than the professional experience, after all.

Eastern Immersion. Throughout the course of human history, the East and West have developed under distinct regional pretenses. An internship abroad in Shanghai is the perfect launching point to explore new horizons.

Embarking from home to intern abroad in Shanghai can be one of the most professionally and personally rewarding experiences you ever undergo. The opportunity is there; all that’s left to do is make it happen!

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