Internships Abroad in All Other Areas in China

135 Internships Abroad in All Other Areas in China


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China Internship Placements

China Internship Placements offers a financial analyst and asset management internship in the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. The internship role involves conducting due diligence on companies and industries by researching, analyzing financial statements and market data, coordinating with other team members in analyzing financial information relating to specific companies, keeping u...


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Go Abroad China Ltd.

Go Abroad China’s business and finance internships are among the top ones that international applicants seek. Interning in China, you will gain understanding of how Chinese people conduct business and sign deals, you will learn about common Asian business practices & entrepreneurship and have real experience from top companies in China! Some common projects that you will likely be involved ...


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Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad offers a Business internship in China perfect for those interested in marketing, PR, accountancy, finance, IT, real estate, architecture, interior design, HR, consulting, trade, fashion, art, or sports. This is an excellent way to learn about international business and gain practical experience to boost your resume, studies, or current profession. Our placements in Shanghai and ...


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Join the Paid China TEFL Internship

If you speak English fluently, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is waiting for you in China! Join the "Teach in China Internship" and spend 5 incredible months teaching English in China with 24/7 in-country support, a monthly spending allowance, accommodation, top TEFL training and more! Once you've sent your application form and documentation through, our partners will work with you dir...


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China - Community Aid and Teaching in Fengyan

Familiarize yourself with rural China and experience the traditional ways of the stunningly charming community of Fengyan, a small village located in South China’s Guangxi province. Though they are very hardworking, the people of Fengyan are typically poor and make a living off of farming. You’ll be sure to make a true impact here through much needed humanitarian aid and education. During t...


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Premier TEFL

Join a government-sponsored cultural exchange program to live, teach and learn in China. The program offers one week orientation, four months of placement, a monthly allowance of RMB 2,000, meals, completion bonus, free accommodation and meals, and Mandarin lessons. Participants are expected to teach fifteen hours per week. To qualify, interested candidates need to be fluent English speakers...


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Knowledge Must

China has captivated the minds of people around the world for thousands of years. There has always been a mix of awe and fascination for everything Chinese. In recent decades, China has been widely acknowledged as a global powerhouse, from cultural exports to business prowess, from the fine arts to technology. Chinese organisations have long understood the value of foreign employees for enhanci...


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This program offers all the benefits of our internship program, plus an option to travel throughout China with our partner, The Dragon Trip, after you complete your internship! First, you will choose a 1 or 2 month-long internship in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen in the professional sector of your choice. After your internship is completed, you will meet with The Dragon Trip to embark on an ep...


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Hutong School

Land an internship in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu with one of our 300+ partner companies and advance your career in style. We've been doing this for 10 years so know how to make you feel at home in China whilst discovering the language, culture and having the time of your life. Get 24/7 support including airport pickup and visa help, flat in a modern apartment with your own private room, socia...


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China Cal 2017 Student Externships in Yunnan Province China.

China California Heart Watch is a U.S. nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve the rural poor through teaching and clinical care in rural Yunnan Province, China. In 2017, China Cal is inviting students and others with an interest in health professions to come and learn with us about health care and pediatric cardiovascular disease in Yunnan Province, China. Objective: An important o...


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LoPair Au Pair China Program

Nǐ hǎo! Grab this chance to experience Chinese culture and family life with the help of LoPair Au Pair China, the only award-winning au pair agency in the country! For 3-12 months, you will learn, care, and explore in the breathtaking Middle Kingdom through an award-winning cultural exchange program. This involves staying in a major city where you will live with a lovely Chinese or expat fam...


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AsiaOppo offers paid quality internships in various cities in China. Our team consisting of Chinese and European staff will make your stay in China pleasant. We visit every single company we cooperate with to ensure that it is of high standards. Whether you are a student or graduate, you can participate in the program. We offer: *Paid Placement (in most cases 3000 RMB per month) *Visa...


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Global Nomadic

Are you passionate about teaching and working with children but don’t have enough experience? Don’t worry because you will have a chance to share your talents through a teaching placement in China. This 4-week to six-month internship allows you to have a taste of teaching even without certification. As long as you are a native English speaker or non-native speaker with proficient English sk...


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Star Exchange

Work as an au pair in China with Star Exchange and get Chinese language lessons for free! Au pairs will become part of a wealthy Chinese host family. This safe and open-minded environment allows participants to freely explore the Chinese culture. Participants will be enrolled at a prestigious university for free to attend professional Mandarin Chinese classes. These lessons and the family envir...


Wanderlust Au Pair China Program

Wanderlust Au Pair China Program integrates educational travel, Mandarin learning, childcare and English tutoring together for overseas youngsters to experience China with an authentic touch by staying with Chinese host families. By offering 30-35 hours of live-in childcare and English teaching per week, you have an opportunity to explore Chinese culture through weekly Mandarin classes, cult...