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Internships Abroad in Toronto

No matter where you come from, it’s impossible to feel like an outsider while interning abroad in Toronto. Nearly half of the population hails from a different part of the world, and it’s likely that a variety of different languages will catch your ear as you stroll down the street to your new internship. As the biggest city in Canada, Toronto internships are aplenty, so you’ll find something that aligns with your interests. While the winters may be chilly, the warm welcome you’ll receive from Torontonians makes this city a perfect place to work and play.

Types of Internships in Toronto

In a city with nearly 2.7 million residents, internship opportunities abound in every direction. From finance to fine arts, chances are you can find what you’re looking for in Toronto. To help narrow down your options, take a look at this breakdown of popular types of Toronto internships:

Short term internships and summer internships vs. long-term internships. You can intern abroad in Toronto on both a short-term or long-term basis, ranging from a month or so and usually up to a year. If graduation is looming, but you’re still working towards your degree, summer internships are also available and popular among students. Remember some internships are only a part-time gig, while others require a full on 40-hours-a-week commitment.

Popular fields of work. Toronto is the largest contributor to the Canadian economy and an important economic hub of the world. Toronto nurtures many thriving industries, but the ones leading the pack include hospitality, tourism, and finance. The diverse nature of the city’s makeup also makes language a popular arena. However, the most popular Toronto internships are in arts and media, as Toronto houses some of the most prominent media companies in the country. 

Paid vs. unpaid internships in Toronto. The last thing to consider when sorting out the details of your internship abroad in Toronto is distinguishing between a paid and unpaid internship. In today’s job market, candidates vying for top positions are finding it increasingly competitive. Hands-on experience and acquiring new skills learned through internships often provide rising college graduates with a huge advantage. If the experience alone comes with promises of a future position, then the ramen dinners may be worth it. If not, find one that will pay you in more than experience and good vibes. 

Life in Toronto

You may have your eye on Toronto for the internship opportunities, but don’t forget about the fun! While it’s important give it your all at work, Toronto is an exciting city with many adventures to take advantage of. Toronto is a city of neighborhoods, and you’ll notice the atmosphere, language, and cuisine change as you trek from one end of the city to the other. Spend an afternoon sampling the fares in Kensington Market or cheer on the Maple Leafs at a Toronto hockey game. 

In addition to the bevy of great food (yes, including ketchup chips), theaters, and sporting venues, some other popular attractions that you can check out as you’re interning in Toronto include the Royal Ontario Museum, Yonge-Dudas Square, and Casa Loma, the only castle of its kind on the continent. The many skyscrapers and high-rise buildings also form a fantastic view. Rising above the skyline is the iconic CN Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the Americas. Lucky for you, Toronto’s rapid transit system efficiently encompasses most of the city, so you will never be too far away from your next destination.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Everyone would do well to take a page or two out of Canada’s book when it comes to hospitality. Canadians are commonly considered to be among the nicest people in the world, and friendliness is indeed a hallmark of their culture. During your time as an intern in Toronto don’t be afraid to make new friends and engage with the locals!

When you are at your internship, be sure to be polite and punctual. Canadians are known to be direct communicators, but they do so in a way that is respectful of others’ opinions. Be sure to make eye contact with whomever you’re speaking with and avoid discussing personal issues or politics with those you don’t know well. In general, Canadians are forgiving of cultural faux pas, as long as you remember to treat others with respect. Our most important word of advice: don’t leave without diving face first into a pile of poutine

At the end of the day, interning in Toronto means enjoying a work experience where it’s easy to feel at home. Remember to cherish this unique time in Toronto and in your life as you begin to warm up to a future career. Keep in mind that it’s always best to view your internship in Toronto as a multifaceted learning experience instead of a way to get rich — the food and skills make up for it! 

For even more programs, read our comprehensive guide on interning abroad in Canada.

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