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USEH International Inc.

Work in a Canadian business environment with USEH International and gain valuable work experience. Participants from around the world can live and work in the city of Vancouver and become immersed in the local culture. International programs include placments in Engineering, Information Systems, and Business Administration, amoghtst others, and are available year-round.


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INTERNeX international exchange

Participate in an internship that will have you experiencing education in a real-world setting in Canada. INTERNeX will take the time to match you with a field placements that fits your needs and expertise. Embrace the chance to work in a new situation and to experience a new culture.


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Wilderness Guest Ranch Internships

An internship with Chilcotin Holidays opens the door to new possibilities in your studies, your career, and your life. For over 20 years, we have improved and redefined our internship program to produce capable, confident leaders who have the skills and boldness to pursue their goals in life. Our wilderness guest ranch offers new opportunities and challenges every single day by its diversity of...


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Mentorship in Field Botany

This is a mentorship and job shadowing opportunity for students interested in the art and science of field botany and restoration ecology. Those selected will receive experience in vegetation ecology and species-at-risk surveys from a qualified professional and expert botanist. Botanical work will focus on vegetation surveys along the length of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve ...


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Hospitality Internship

Want some resume boosting experience working in the Canadian Rockies, Okanagan, Vancouver Island, Vancouver, or even Whistler? Then look no further with Stepwest! We offer our Hospitality Internship program, which includes a guaranteed and paid job experience in the Hospitality or Tourism industry. Your options are endless. You have the chance to work as a Room Attendant, Line Cook, Front Desk,...


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International Internship Program

In order to secure your first choice of post-secondary program or the best jobs in your chosen field, you need a competitive advantage. An international internship will make you stand out among your peers. It demonstrates to a school or prospective employer that you are serious, versatile and can bring a fresh perspective to the school or workplace. International Career Studies, CareerQuest’s i...


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Toronto Summer Internship Placements

Completing your university’s practicum requirement? George Mason University offers Toronto Summer Internship Placements, which bring together students from different majors in the economic capital of Canada. The placement within an industry related to each student’s area of study will define their global work experience as well as determine their course credit. Toronto is a wonderful choice ...


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Dream Careers

Gain a competitive advantage upon completing an internship program provided by Dream Careers in Canada. To be eligible for this program individuals must be between the ages of 18 and 26 and be keen on learning about a new culture. There is a wide range of intern types available including Communications, Engineering and Law.


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Working Holiday in Canada - hotels in tourist destinations

Go on a working holiday through internship placements at hotels in Canada with SWS Group. Placements are available at the front office, as waiting staff, kitchen help, housekeeping staff, or maintenance crew. Applicants must be 18-35 years old with decent English language skills. Successful candidates will be paid CAD 5-14 (USD 4-9.50) per hour and will receive accommodations and meals worth CA...