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NEW Short Term Community Development Internship In Cambodia

Travel to South East Asia and authentically experience the unique culture of Cambodia on our Short Term Community Development Internship. During your program you will get involved in projects that include activities such as teaching English, running women’s empowerment workshops or assisting with construction projects. The exact details of your internship projects will, however, depend on the n...


Internship Programs with Projects Abroad

Travel to Phnom Penh for an internship placement provided by Projects Abroad in Cambodia. A wide variety of disciplines are offered to participants from all over the world, including Medicine, Human Rights, and Environmental Studies. Gain international work experience, as well as a better understanding of the culture and business environment of Cambodia.


Pharmacy in Cambodia - Phnom Penh

NOTE: We do not offer paid internships or cater for volunteering experiences. To be eligible for a Work the World pharmacy internship, you need to be in pharmacy school, or have equivalent clinical experience (MD or equivalent). We cannot accept premeds. Interns in Cambodia will come to understand that pharmacy as they know it is a relatively progressive idea here. You’ll encounter a range o...


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Actuality Media

Explore Cambodia and join the amazing staff of Actuality Media. Participants will participate in filming a documentary that will help change the lives of the locals. Placements are available in Siem Reap.



Cambodia's jungles are home to many elephants, but they are threatened by illegal poaching and deforestation. As an intern with Globalteer in Cambodia, you can help the native Cambodians care for, and maintain a future for the local forest elephants.


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Join Frontier for a Journey of a Lifetime!

Explore the beautiful seascape around the Cambodian island of Koh Smach while contributing to a conservation project. Interns will assist with the discovery and charting of the health of corals, survey inter-tidal animals, and record populations of fish. They will also help investigate the effects of global warming on the prized coral reefs.


Best Nursing Internships Worldwide

Nursing internships abroad are the perfect opportunity for everyone who wants to boost their nursing career and enhance their possibilities. Explore the beauty of Asia, Africa and South America while taking part in a nursing internship and gaining valuable skills and training. College, nursing and pre-nursing students can get some insights into a medical career whilst helping aid projects to...


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Travellers Worldwide

Help improve the lives of children with an internship in Cambodia. Travellers Worldwide offers placements teaching English that help prepare the children for a brighter future.


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Physical Therapy/Pre-PT Internships Abroad

International Medical Aid (IMA) allows individuals who are motivated to practice physical therapy or chiropractic to explore the profession in an international setting. This once-in-a-lifetime mentorship by dedicated Physical Therapy or Chiropractic staff creates hands-on programs that accommodate the knowledge and backgrounds of each volunteer. Volunteers have the opportunity to work in a vari...