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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Brisbane

Brisbane, otherwise known as “Brizzy,” is the capital of Queensland, a sunny state covering the northeastern area of Australia. Sitting ashore the meandering Brisbane River, this city is booming with business, which makes it the perfect destination to find an internship abroad in Australia. With an outdoor inspired culture, artistically inclined community, and close proximity to many amazing places, internships in Brisbane are perfect for interns that want a full international experience. Not only will you get to gain work experience, but you will get to live the life of an Aussie, in a city that has as much pride as it does opportunity.

Internships in Brisbane

The city of Brisbane is an ideal location to find internships in the sunny state of Queensland. With a wide variety of opportunities, finding an internship in Brisbane that suits you won’t be too hard, especially considering it is both a business and artistic center for the region. Whether you are interested in environmental management, wildlife, or creative writing, there are countless internships in Brisbane for anyone looking to build their career. 

Tourism. Brisbane, and Queensland in general, are one of the top travel destinations in Australia. With a booming tourism industry, tourism internships in Brisbane are plentiful. Internship placements in Brisbane related to tourism range from working at a travel agency, hotel, or restaurant to outdoor recreation and ecotourism. The opportunities to intern in Brisbane are far and wide, allowing interns to develop a skillset that will be valuable in a number of future endeavors.  

Animal Science. For those interested in working with animals, Brisbane presents an excellent range of internship opportunities. With many placements that focus on animal treatment, surgery, and recovery, local animal centers and sanctuaries work to protect both domesticated and wild animals. For example, rehabilitation centers located in wildlife parks provide interns with the chance to conduct animal research and contribute to the rehabilitation of local species. While experience is required for many veterinary science internships in Brisbane, especially those involving surgery, there are still many placement opportunities for those with less experience too.

Journalism is another popular field for internships in Brisbane. Interns seeking more experience in the field of journalism will find placements at various newspapers and magazines, and even opportunities in digital journalism. From conducting interviews to writing articles to advertising, there are many journalism internship placements in Brisbane for people with all sorts of experience and sub-interests; many internship providers will even work with you to help you improve your skills in the field too.

Life in Brisbane

Brisbane is an exceedingly healthy city because of its appreciation for the outdoors and the local belief that you should work to live, not live to work. While you will have to work hard at your internship in Brisbane, it will be well worth it when you get to enjoy your time off visiting amazing local sites, like the sunshine coast, Moreton Bay, or Mount Coot-tha. 

While some aspects of the Australian business culture may be comparable to that of the United States, Australia is much more egalitarian in their values overall. This makes business endeavors feel more relaxed, and can make forming relationships at the workplace much easier. Say hello to many networking opportunities!

Salary & Costs

Internships in Brisbane are typically unpaid, as placements are frequently geared toward individuals who need to gain work experience to help them in their future career. However, there are some paid internship placements available throughout the city too. Luckily, even if the placement is unpaid, internships in Brisbane almost always involve a stipend, which will usually cover basic living expenses. Brisbane is a more expensive destination for internships abroad, as Australia as a whole has quite a high standard of living. Some internships in Brisbane may require interns to pay upfront program fees that can seem expensive, but these fees typically cover housing, in-country transportation, placement coordination, and office support.

Accommodation & Visas

Living arrangements for those who intern in Brisbane most commonly come in the form of apartments, since Brisbane is a highly urbanized city. Most internships in Brisbane will provide housing for all interns, often as part of the program fee or monthly stipend/compensation. 

Internship program providers or host companies usually provide interns with assistance throughout the visa application process, especially since the necessary visa is determined by the work you will be doing, the compensation you receive, and how long your stay is. The most common visas required for international interns are the Occupational Trainee Visa or the Work and Holiday Visa. Student visas may also be a viable option, if you are receiving academic credit for your internship in Brisbane from your home institution or a local university. 

Benefits & Challenges

Budgeting Brisbane. This can be applied to any Australian city or state, because the truth is: Australia is an expensive country. Prices often come as a shock to study abroad students, even those from the United States or Europe, because Australia is down right pricey. 

Quintessential Queensland. The pride that is associated with Queensland is something that will be felt shortly after arriving. Comparable to the pride that Texans have, those from Brisbane, and other cities in the state of Queensland, are proud of where they come from. Living in such a proud community can be extremely beneficial for those who decide to intern in Brisbane. 

Slang vs. Strine. Slang, known as strine in Australia, is a big part of Aussie culture. While Australia is a sought after destination for English speakers because there is no language barrier, some students may find it more challenging to understand the locals than expected. Don’t worry though, you’ll know the strine in no time! 

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A Guide To
Interning Abroad in Brisbane


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