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A Guide to Au Pair Internships Abroad

Do you like to work with children? Are you interested in foreign travel? Would you consider yourself a babysitting pro? Then look no further, your dream job awaits you! Interning abroad as an au pair can be one of the most satisfying and fulfilling internship opportunities you could possibly find, and it is also insanely easy to make a reality. Becoming an au pair abroad is unique because it offers you more than just a job, it offers you a lifestyle. You’ll have a first class ticket to another culture, a new language, new relationships, and a new sense of self. Au pair internships abroad allow you to share pieces of your own culture as you assimilate intimately with another.

Why Intern Abroad as an Au Pair

You, yes, YOU, have one of the most valuable assets in the world, and you may not even know it. It’s your very own native language. That’s right, the English language is becoming widespread throughout the entire globe, and QUICKLY. Families all over the world are beginning to recognize the power of English language skills, and parents are wanting their children to speak and understand English more and more. This is where you come in! As an au pair abroad, you will not only provide child care, but you will help children develop formidable skills to better their future. 

Au pair internships abroad are a great way to build experience. Future employers will want to know that you can be flexible and easy to communicate with. As the work force remains competitive, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to nail down that dream job. Work experience as an au pair abroad can place you above other candidates simply because of your ability to work in complex and changing foreign environments. Your problem-solving and time management skills might just be your ticket to Employedville.

There is a great deal of stability that comes with interning as an au pair abroad, unlike other available internships. Generally, your room and board will be taken care of, which leaves a lot of room in your budget for travel on weekends and holidays! You will also have the comfort of a family and instant friends built right into your internship; having people looking out for you is a major perk when moving to a foreign country for anyone, especially for a young intern.


There are thousands of places to choose from all over the world when it comes to au pair internships abroad, and anywhere you go will provide an equally fun, awe-inspiring experience. Narrowing down your search will be the hardest part of landing an au pair gig, so here are some of the best places for au pair internships abroad:

Italy. As one of the world’s most beloved nations, Italy will be sure to sweep you off your feet. From the fantastic food to the romancing culture to the enticing language, you will never want to leave. Italians have a way of making a person feel at home, and there is nothing like having a built in Italian mother right into your job. With sights to see on every corner, weekend travel possibilities are endless and incredibly easy. Some of the world’s most glorified cities reside in Italy; Rome, Venice, and Florence are all vastly unique from one another and will grant you a real life escape into art, diversity, and history. The Italian culture is a major draw to anyone who is looking for an authentic, family oriented, au pair internship abroad.

France. The name au pair is actually a french name, meaning “at par” or “equal to,” signifying that an au pair is a member of the family and should be treated as an equal. Choosing to au pair in France can provide you with an overwhelming opportunity to meet and engage with people active in child care and education, as the au pair community is very large throughout France. France is one of the most desired destinations for au pair internships across the world, and it’s not hard to see why. From the french countryside to urban cities to the riviera, you will have an array of experiences to fill up your time.

China. If you are looking for a rich and life-changing experience as an au pair abroad, then China may be the right fit for you. You’ll have the opportunity to be engulfed in a culture dating back 5,000 years, while meeting new people and building strong relationships. There are countless sites to see and places to adventure to all while fostering a strong relationship with your host family. As China is becoming a forefront player in the global economy, an au pair internship abroad in this beautiful country will boost your resume more than you may think. 

Au Pair Internships Abroad

You’re in luck! There is a high demand for au pairs all around the world. The au pair internship program that you decide on will largely correspond to how much time you want to commit to. Regardless of your experience, there are hundreds of families that are looking for enthusiastic, caring individuals. You’ll have the privilege of being picky, so take your time when deciding on the best fit for your au pair internship abroad. 

Summer Internships. These placements are convenient because you can opt to au pair while you are still school/college/university, so there is no need to take a year off or halt your studies. The summer is a great time to escape from daily life and responsibilities at home, while still growing your resume and building job experience. You can come back to reality with a new perspective, and hopefully a better idea of what you want your future career to look like. Additionally, there are more opportunities to travel during the summer with your host family, because chances are they are trying to enjoy their summer, too. Pack your bags,  an au pair internship abroad may be the best vacation of your life!

Long Term Internships. Long term au pair placement programs are great for individuals who are taking a gap year, graduated, or are taking a leave of absence from their studies. Deciding to commit for a year may seem incredibly daunting, but don’t let the fear of a foreign experience frighten you! You may come home with a new language under your belt, new family and friends, and a year’s worth of experiences that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Think of this year as a time for personal development and growth. You have the opportunity to make a huge impact in another family's life, while they have a chance to touch yours. 

Whether you decide to go long-term or short-term, both options for au pair internships abroad will provide you with a highly unique and satisfying opportunity for experience and growth.

Benefits & Challenges

As there are so many benefits to becoming an au pair abroad, you can also expect there will be challenges to face as well; this comes with the territory, especially when your job is focused around taking caring of someone else's children. It’s important to set ground rules at the start of your job to prevent miscommunication and lack of clear boundaries. 

Unfortunately, staying communicated and in the loop with your host parents can be a major challenge. It’s important that you are asking questions and remaining updated; this will prevent blurred lines and mixed signals. Sometimes, finding yourself lost in translation with your kids can be tricky and tiresome, but stick with it! If they are trying to tell you something you don’t understand, take a deep breath and focus on contextual settings. What do they need? What kind of problems can you solve without speech? Use body language when all else fails. 

On the flipside, you will find yourself problem solving more than you ever thought possible during your au pair internship abroad; your patience and flexibility will grow with each new experience granted to you. As your time with your host family progresses, you will begin to formulate a new perspective and an enlightened way of thinking, something that can only benefit you during future endeavors.

Au pairs have the opportunity to help shape, grow, and educate young children into becoming more rounded individuals, that is a pretty rewarding way to spend your time! Not only will you have an impact on your host family, they will certainly have a part in shaping, growing, and educating you. Becoming an au pair abroad can seem wildly intimidating, but you can bet it will give you the key to a whole new world of possibilities and experience!

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A Guide To
Au Pair Internships Abroad


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