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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Armenia

Nestled in the beautiful southern Caucasus where the European and Asian continents collide, Armenia boasts one of the oldest continuous cultural heritages in the world spanning back several thousand years. Armenia fell on hard times in the 20th century, first suffering from the horrors of genocide during the first World War, then becoming eclipsed by Soviet rule until finally gaining independence in 1990. Today however it is a country on the rise; an internship abroad in Armenia will place you within a rich culture, beautiful landscape, and growing economy.


Armenia is a very small country, home to just over 3 million citizens amid its mountainous landscape. It lays in a key strategic region at the gateway between Asia and Europe, and so has seen influence by many different cultures from all over the world throughout its expansive history. Today Armenia shares borders with Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, and Iran to the south.

Yerevan is the country’s capital and largest city, and so not coincidentally also the most popular destination where to intern abroad in Armenia. Over one-third of Armenia’s population resides in Yerevan, making it undeniably the cultural and economic nucleus of the country. Yerevan is also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, thought to be founded in 782 BCE, and so boasts a tremendous amount of beautiful historical architecture.

While no other cities in the country come close to the size or influence of Yerevan, there are several other destinations that can also be promising places where to intern abroad in Armenia. Gyumri and Vanadzor, for example, are the country’s second and third largest cities, and can provide interns a more culturally intimate experience away from the hustle and bustle of the nation’s capital.

Internships in Armenia

Even though it is a small country, there are internships abroad in Armenia that are available across a wide array of different professional sectors. The country comes in the middle of most international rankings when it comes to economic competitiveness and human development, showing great promise stemming from foreign investment but also suffering from the Soviet collapse and fatal Spitak earthquake which were both big hits on the economy a few decades ago.

For those interested in working in the private sector, you can pursue the opportunity to intern abroad in Armenia within fields such as finance, communications, engineering, and international trade. Because many sectors of the population are underserved, public service internships abroad in Armenia within fields such as development, education, and politics are also popular options among international aspirants.

The language barrier can be a significant factor influencing what internships abroad in Armenia might be available to international workers. Armenian and Russian are the two most widely spoken languages in the country, and while English is spoken in some professional circles, you will have many more options as an intern abroad in Armenia if your are proficient in either one of these local languages.

Salaries & Costs

Whether or not you will be paid as an intern abroad in Armenia typically depends on the profitability of the sector you are working within; for example interns in finance will have a much better shot at earning a stable salary than interns doing social work. Regardless, internships of most types will at least compensate you in some ways such as helping pay for housing, meals, and/or transportation. Armenia is also a relatively affordable destination to intern abroad in; the local currency is the Armenian dram, which exchanges at about 500 AMD to $1 USD.

Accommodation & Visas

As an intern abroad in Armenia you will have many different options for housing, ranging from your own individual apartment to living in a homestay. Often your host employer or internship provider will help you to arrange for housing, otherwise the best route is generally to search online or to begin by staying in a hostel, and then finding accommodations once you are on the ground.

Armenia’s visa policy varies depending on factors such as your home country, the duration of your internship, and whether or not you will be paid for your services. Interns from many countries will be able to travel to Armenia visa free and then figure out the proper documentation while they are abroad; for more information regarding your specific circumstances, check out our Armenian Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Regional Dynamics. The Caucasus have always been a hotbed of political and cultural activity because of their key position at the heart of Eurasia; come experience the excitement for yourself.

Career Opportunity. Though still struggling to find its economic footing in the wake of the Soviet collapse, Armenia has a very bright future ahead of it and is a great place to network professionally for future global job prospects.

Ancient History. Armenia’s history spans back all the way to 2500 BC, making it one of the oldest cultures on earth. As an intern abroad in Armenia you will be living within an infinitely rich national legacy.

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