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A Guide to A Guide to Interning Abroad in Córdoba

Situated in the center of Argentina, Córdoba is a city with no shortage of cathedrals, students, and art museums. Despite being Argentina’s second largest city (after Buenos Aires, of course), you can explore the main plaza, Plaza de San Martín, and the well-known Manzana Jesuítica (Jesuit block a.k.a. UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000) by foot. If you’re looking to intern abroad in a city bursting with outdoorsy options, unmatchable architectural sights, and tango-y sounds, Córdoba is THE place. Develop your professional résumé while advancing your Spanish skills in an academically oriented city appropriately nicknamed La Docta.

Internships in Córdoba

Córdoba offers a wide variety of internship opportunities. Medicine and Healthcare? Check. Communication? Check. Psychology? Check. Seriously, the options are endless. You can rock the public or private sector in companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from local to international. However, keep in mind that Spanish skills are definitely a plus, and sometimes an intermediate level is required. Although, even if your Spanish-speaking skills aren’t up to par, there are internships in Cordoba that will begin with intensive Spanish courses to get interns ready for their internship placement. 

Medicine & Healthcare. Medical internships in Cordoba are your chance to get lots of experience in healthcare, and even practical experience in hospitals. Some medical internships in Cordoba offer you the opportunity to join actual rotations so you can check out several departments within a single (or multiple) hospital. In these placements you’ll work alongside healthcare professionals and learn more about the system needed to maintain universal health care coverage for all Argentines. 

Journalism. The story of Argentina is fascinating, yet disconcerting. Get an insider journalist perspective by working side-by-side with local journalists. You’ll witness their everyday activities, get a taste for writing on the fly, and have a wide range of responsibilities; talk about a resume bolster!

Human Rights. Argentina’s Guerra Sucia (Dirty War) ravaged the country with crimes against humanity and genocide. Hundreds of thousands of people “disappeared” during this time period, and their children continue to advocate on their behalf. A human rights internship in Córdoba will be a worthwhile experience that will allow you to bring awareness to these complicated societal issues.

Hospitality. Put your Spanish skills to good use interning in the hospitality industry of Cordoba. Whether working at a large hotel chain’s reception, a locally-owned-and-operated bed and breakfast, or in full swing in the kitchen of a restaurant, you’ll get valuable field experience and ample opportunity to practicar español

You can choose how long you’d like to be kickin’ it as an intern in Córdoba, too. You can find internships in Cordoba for two weeks, but some could be up to 12 months; you decide! 

Life in Córdoba

Picture this: You’re a fernet-drinkin’, empanada-eatin’ intern checking out all kinds of museums (art, science, history), and taking advantage of a young scene situated right next to the Sierra Chica mountain range. #drool

Córdoba is cool, colonial, and considerably underrated. It’s chock full of university students and Pampas-inspired cuisine (beef beef beef!). It may be a large city, but it is totally walkable. The general pace of life is slower in Latin America and Córdoba is no exception. Walk the tree-lined streets downtown, prioritize personal relationships before those oh-so-fancy business ones, and rock up at 10 p.m. to an “early” dinner. 

Head west to the Sierras de Córdoba, the hill district; visit Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s childhood home in nearby Alta Gracias; or venture farther to pay homage to Argentina’s most impressive cultural and geographical sites (Google Iguazú National Park for some jaw-dropping fun!).

Salary & Costs

Córdoba got its name from its Andalusian soul sister in Spain, but the currency didn’t come with it. The Argentine peso gets you good value for your dollar. Even though Buenos Aires is considered one of the most expensive Latin American cities, Córdoba’s cost of living is lower (air five!). Meals can cost about $8, not too shabby.

The thing is, most internships in Córdoba are unpaid (but trust us, interning abroad is still worth it!). Some internship programs will include housing in shared apartments or homestays and meals. You’re making a smart investment in your professional future and yourself as a growing-and-learning college student by choosing to intern in Cordoba! Saving up to be able to experience Córdoba to the fullest for a few months is recommended. 

If money’s tight, there are lots of ways to fund your internship abroad. Applying for scholarships always helps, and whaddya know, GoAbroad has a super informative scholarship directory so you can get a jump start on those scholarship apps.

Accommodation & Visas

What better way to get immersed in all things Argentine than by living with a Spanish-speaking host family? That’s why many internships in Córdoba give interns the option of living in a homestay. If you’d like a wee bit more independence, you could opt for a shared apartment.

Going to Argentina holding an American or Australian passport means paying a reciprocity fee, but the cool part is that the tourist visa can last a while. Australians pay $100 for a tourist visa with multiple entries that lasts up to a year while Americans pay $160 for a tourist visa with multiple entries that lasts up to ten years. United Kingdom folks can fly on by as a tourist for up to 90 days. If your internship in Cordoba lasts longer than three months, it’s best to figure out your visa situation with your program and with a good ol’ Google search. For lots more visa info, head over to GoAbroad’s Argentine Embassy directory.

Benefits & Challenges

#InternLife. Being an intern abroad in Cordoba ain’t easy; you’ll be confronted with new business etiquette as well as a whole new language. It’s a learning experience that can be pretty pricey, but the payoff is priceless. That being said, #internlife means budgeting for a rewarding and hardworking experience.

Off-the-tourist-track. From bustling Buenos Aires to pristine Patagonia to sophisticated Salta, Argentina has lots to offer in the tourism department. Córdoba, however, isn’t always the first Argentine destination that comes to mind (sad, sad mistake!). With endless museum options, varied nightlife, and mountainous beauty, Córdoba is a great place to intern and immerse yourself in Argentine life.

Culture, Culture, Culture. Back in 2006, Córdoba was named the Cultural Capital of the Americas (and for good reason). Whether you side with the Talleres or Belgrano soccer fans, drink fernet-and-Coke or Mendoza wine, or listen to cumbia or cuarteto, you’ll get an unbeatable Cordobés experience in and out of the office (if you even intern in an office, that is!). 

Rebel against Argentina’s touristy norm by interning in a place as cultural and unique as Córdoba, your résumé will thank you later.

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