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A Guide to Archaeology Internships Abroad

Archaeology internships abroad are your opportunity to gain hands on field experience  at excavation sites and in museums all over the world. From the Fertile Crescent to the plains of Southwest America, there are a wide number of archaeology internships available for individuals interested in every niche of archeology and anthropological history. Only question is, where will you choose to dig through the past?

Why Intern Abroad in Archaeology

Not only will an archaeology internship abroad look good on your resume, it will also provide a taste of the rigorous travel and fieldwork that a career as an archaeologist entails. When exploring a discipline which synthesizes elements of geography, history, anthropology, and other cultural studies, there are few more valuable experiences than getting out and interning abroad in the field. Interning abroad in archaeology is the first step toward a successful career in the field, and it will definitely be the adventure of a lifetime too.


As we look to the future, it is important to learn the lessons of the past. Archaeology is an important field of study all over the world, however, there are a few specific regions that have gained notoriety as places of extraordinary historical and anthropological significance, which are especially great locations for archaeology internships abroad.

The Mediterranean Sea and Fertile Crescent are commonly thought of as the cradle of civilization, and relics of empires thousands of years old are still being discovered around in the region to this day. Countries of the Middle East, North Africa, and Southern Europe are all good locations to look for an archaeology internship abroad. Internships in this region will allow you to explore as far back in world history as the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Greeks. Sub-Saharan Africa can also be a fruitful environment for archaeological digs, as the remains of our earliest ancestors are embedded in this region’s soil.

The Americas and the Caribbean are also popular destinations for archaeology internships abroad. There are a large variety of sites up and down the continents, which shed light on the hunter-gatherer lifestyles and lost civilizations of the earliest indigenous American peoples, such as the Incas. Evidence of human activity in the Americas begins as far back as 20,000 years ago, during the last ice age, far before Western civilization discovered the so called “New World.”

The regions of Asia and Oceania also offer many fascinating archaeological internships abroad, from projects uncovering remnants of ancient China to studying the lifestyles of native Southeast islanders.

When looking to the past, interns will find that the layout of the world can truly help us understand the present!

Archaeology Internships Abroad

Archaeology is a highly interactive profession, and many internships abroad place interns out in the field working directly with the land. Specific duties of an archaeology internship might include surveying areas for sites of archaeological interest, documenting important historical or cultural remains, managing projects, and preparing reports about findings. Many countries have national parks or cultural preservation departments, which might manage and oversee all archaeological efforts across the country, so during your internship you may be regulated by a higher authority.

If you are not interested in fieldwork, then there are a variety of other internships in archaeology that might suit your interests better, at government offices, laboratories, or museums. Once discovered and accounted for, there is an intricate analytical process required for determining the significance of cultural remains and other archaeological finds. Then comes the step of putting them on display for the general public. The behind-the-scenes work required to make museums function and satisfy visitors is vitally important to the spread of archaeological knowledge and understanding across the world, so there are many archaeology internships in this area waiting to be filled.

Archaeology internships abroad are offered year round, but the timing of some is dependent on external factors, such as funding or weather conditions. For college students, summer is the most common time to participate in internships abroad. There are also some internships that combine archaeological work with the opportunity to earn academic credit, making it possible for students to travel during the fall or spring semester as well.


An internship abroad in archaeology will expose you to what life will be like as an archaeologist. Interning in a global discipline, which studies specific areas and trends in order to develop a more comprehensive view of our world and ancestral history, will no doubt be beneficial academically and professionally. Wherever you decide to begin the adventure and whatever facet of archaeology you choose to specialize in, an internship abroad in archaeology has the potential to be something incredible, and possibly the dawn of a whole new age in your personal life and career development.

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