High School Programs in Washington D.C.

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American Red Cross Community Service - 10 Days

This program is a one-of-a-kind partnership between the American Red Cross and Westcoast Connection. It is open to students completing grades 8-10 and approximately 13-16 years old. Washington, D.C. has been home to the American Red Cross National Headquarters since 1881. The Red Cross - through its network of volunteers, donors and partners - is always available to help people and communiti...


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United States: Human Rights & College Discovery

Start your Experiment in New York by witnessing where many immigrants first entered the United States at Ellis Island. Explore from the African Burial Ground National Monument and Chinatown to Little Italy and the Jewish East Side. Tour universities with human rights programs, which might include Columbia University or City College of New York. Travel to Washington, D.C., and visit the Human...


Alaska or Bust! A Road Trip Across America

Join us for a life-changing road trip that takes thirteen girls ages 13-17 more than 6000 miles from Washington D.C. all the way to Alaska, as we record our experiences through a video/ photography documentary. Led by two experienced Alaskan guides with a background in teaching and sociology, this trip takes you on a road adventure that will expand your understanding of the diversity of peop...


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The Refugee Education Project

Teach and mentor refugee youth in Baltimore and explore historic Washington D.C.! Learn about the history and legislation surrounding refugee resettlement in Baltimore and aid in the development of literacy skills of refugee students. Every morning you'll create new ideas for lessons and games and then see them implemented in the classroom in the afternoon. Engage in the local community by conn...