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A Guide to High School Programs in the United States

Coming from abroad you may already have a preconceived notion about what life is like in the United States from television, media, and what you hear in the news. A world leader on many fronts, how could you not but conjure up daydreams about this vast land of opportunity? Yet the only way to truly understand life in America is to live it; embarking on a high school program in the United States will in this sense prove to be a definitive journey of discovery.


The United States is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world, so you will have plenty of options when deciding where in this mammoth nation to study abroad. Stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic there are 50 states in total, and many exciting cities therein to choose from.

Some of the most popular destinations for high school programs in the United States include the globally oriented cities of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. These three largest cities in the United States are respectively located on the east coast, midwest, and west coast of the country, and each offers their own set of unique immersive opportunities for the high school student abroad.

Other popular locations for high school programs in the United States include Washington DC, San Francisco, and Boston. While smaller in scale, these cities are all very important American metropolises nonetheless, with huge contributions throughout history in politics, innovation, and industry.

If cities are not your cup of tea, then there are also many high school programs in the United States which can alternatively place you in smaller towns or suburbs located throughout the country. While perhaps less culturally stimulating, off-the-map locations can be more truly reflective of what life is like for the average American. It all depends on what you want out of the experience!

High School Programs in the U.S.

There are many different paths that high school students can take to travel abroad to the United States. High School Study Abroad programs in the United States are typically the most common among these options. For a summer, semester, or even full year, students from around the world can take courses in a variety of subjects at American high schools, ranging from history to math to science.

Language Immersion is the most popular form of these academic high school programs in the United States, offering international students a great opportunity to master the English language in a native-speaking context. By practicing as much as you can both in and outside of the classroom, you will be amazed by how far English language abilities progress.

Community Service and Volunteerism is another popular area where international high school students can help make a difference in the United States. While a very wealthy country, the United States deals with many problems of inequality and poverty within its own borders. International volunteers are always welcomed to lend a helping hand.

Lastly, high school Cultural Exploration programs are a great way to travel throughout the United States while learning a lot about American life in the process. Typically this type of high school program in the United States lasts a few weeks and moves throughout several destinations in the country, sampling many aspects of American culture. Some of these programs additionally offer academic credit.

Scholarships & Costs

The United States is an expensive country to travel to, although there is significant variance in living costs within the geography of the country. Major cities such as New York or San Francisco may drain your funds fast, while smaller locations are generally more affordable.

The upfront costs of high school programs in the United States can also be quite expensive, covering fees such as tuition, transportation, housing, and meals. If affordability is a concern, be sure to check out our Scholarship Directory to learn about all the helpful financial aid opportunities out there for high school students.

Accommodation & Visas

High school students abroad in the United States typically either live in a homestay or in dormitories among peers, depending on the structure of the program. Programs that move around between destinations will likely utilize a variety of different accommodations as well. Safety is a major priority for high school programs in the United States, so parents can rest assured that students will be supervised.

High school students will usually need to apply for a visa in order to travel abroad the United States. What type of documentation you need will depend on your home country, the duration of your stay, and other such considerations. You can check out our American Embassy Directory for more information regarding your specific situation.

Benefits & Challenges

Join the Melting Pot. What makes America great is the tremendous diversity of peoples and cultures which thrive within it. As an international student you can take a whole lot out of this experience, while contributing back something of yourself.

Debunk the Myth. America is not as appears on television (unless you choose to study abroad in Hollywood). Come see what life in the real United States is all about.

Self-Discovery. America is a place where you can truly be whomever you want to be. Traveling here will be an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself and the world we live in.

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A Guide To
High School Programs in the United States


 Explore Teen Travel Programs in the United States


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Travel For Teens

Embark on a journey to the United States with Travel for Teens. Designed to exclusively-cater to high school students, this program brings participants on a unique journey through the country's most historically-rich cities. Along the way, participants get to help local communities through participation in meaningful service projects.


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Having Fun is Essential to a Meaningful Summer!

Experience the United States join one of Westcoast Connections Active Teen Tours. Westcoast Connections provides high school students of any nationality with an educational adventure bringing them to a variety of locations across the States, including visits to California and Las Vegas. Students gain a wider sense of cultural awareness, learn more about American culture, and have the chance to ...


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Experiment in International Living

Students can get a fresh perspective as they get a glimpse of a different side of the modern United States in the Experiment in International Living program set in New Mexico. In the summer, high schools students can learn about the ancient desert cultures of the southwest and begin a community service project with Native Americans while staying in the Navajo Nation. Experiment in International...


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Find your passion with unique learning experiences at AISU!

AISU Students immerse themselves in unique learning experiences called intensives that fuse academic rigor with innovation and exploration. Students take a break from their core class schedule three times during the academic year for their two-week intensives. A few of these courses include: computer programing, songwriting and album production, bicycle tour of Utah, fencing and many more.


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Rustic Pathways

When you visit the United States you will experience a melting pot of westernized culture. You will have a great opportunity to experience the local variety of dishes from around the world and see beautiful landmarks with Rustic Pathways. Projects available in the program include rebuilding flooded homes in New Orleans and service project near the Grand Canyon.


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Winter Adventures Program in New York for Juniors, 13-17 y.o

Come improve your English or world language skills, discover your passions, learn about the USA and enjoy the best winter of your life! Winter Adventures is an all-inclusive English program for students aged 13 to 17. With over 40 years of experience, we designed this very unique English program in New York to not only improve teenagers' English language skills, but to spark interest in loca...


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Pre-College at Amherst - Putney Student Travel

Settle into campus life at Amherst College, a top college set in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts. Explore your passions and make friends from all over the world while you build the skills you'll needs in college. Your teachers are inspiring experts in their fields who teach, mentor, and join students in extracurricular activities, living on campus for the duration of the program. The...


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Fashion Camp NYC Summer Program

Fashion Camp NYC offers a unique itinerary including visits to iconic fashion houses, fashion business projects and exclusive trips. Campers will explore how brands are built and learn about the many opportunities that exist in the industry - including media (PR, blogging, social media), business (merchandise buying, retail management), styling, fashion technology and more! Previous campers hav...


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Alaska or Bust! A Road Trip Across America

Join us for a life-changing road trip that takes thirteen girls ages 13-17 more than 6000 miles from Washington D.C. all the way to Alaska, as we record our experiences through a video/ photography documentary. Led by two experienced Alaskan guides with a background in teaching and sociology, this trip takes you on a road adventure that will expand your understanding of the diversity of peop...


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Project Hawai'i with Cultural Institute of America

Make a difference in a child's life while building lifelong friendships. Volunteer one-on-one with children in a caring and nurturing environment. Help them build self-esteem while you develop leadership skills. Interact and build bonding relationships with Hawai'i youth, and help promote positive self-images and healthy life skills.


CIEE High School Summer: Portland, Maine / Entrepreneurship

This Global Entrepreneurship is based in scenic Portland, where you will acquire valuable skills and experience in turning your passion for business into a successful venture. In a highly globalized and competitive business world, entrepreneurial skills are proven to be important for career enrichment more than ever. Hence, have access to 21st-century tools, leadership techniques, and mindse...