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A Guide to High School Programs Abroad in Seville

Looking for the perfect location to improve your Spanish while soaking up the Mediterranean summer with peers from across the globe? Seville, located in the south of Spain on the river Guadalquivir, is the place for your high school program abroad. The capital of the Andalusia region, Seville is Spain’s fourth largest city and a dream destination for European travelers. It’s rich history, architectural beauty, and holds a laid back pace of life. Joining a high school program in Seville will give students the perfect opportunity to learn all about Spanish language and culture in a fun and relaxed environment.

High School Programs in Seville

Most high school programs located in Seville will focus on language acquisition and further exploration of Spanish culture and history. Students at all levels of language fluency, from beginner to advanced, will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to greatly improve their Spanish comprehension and speaking ability through daily classes and outside conversation.

Seville has a long and diverse history, dating back to the days of the Roman empire and surviving through long held Moorish and Spanish dynasties to become today one of Spain’s most thriving cities. There are several UNESCO World Heritage sites located throughout the city, and most high school programs in Seville will take advantage of these urban surroundings, by leading educational field trips and other fun cultural excursions. As they say, the city is its own best teacher!

Most high school programs in Seville take place during the summer, so students do not have to miss any of the regular school year. Programs typically last from two to eight weeks, depending on the type of program and whether or not the program includes course enrollment, which is typical of high school study abroad programs in Seville.

Safety is a top priority for high school program providers around the world, so parents need not be concerned about their children’s well being during the trip. Supervision will be consistent and Seville is a very safe city!

Life in Seville

Seville is commonly thought of as Spain’s most romantic city, because of its flourishing embrace of Spanish traditions, such as flamenco, bullfighting, and tapas-styled meals. A vibrant cultural and artistic spirit pervades the city year round, and high school students will never run short of unique Spanish entertainments and attractions to explore.

One of the things that strikes high school students most about Seville is the slow, drawn out lifestyle that locals tend to lead. The relaxed pace of life is a hallmark of Spanish culture. Days begin late, siestas are common in the afternoon, and often dinner is not eaten until 10 p.m. or 11 pm. Culture shock may require some adjustment on the part of students accustomed to the hustle and bustle of other Western countries, but ultimately they will come to fall in love with the Sevillian lifestyle.

Seville is very walk and bike friendly, meaning that you can spend plenty of time during your high school program in Seville outside wandering the labyrinth of plazas and backstreets that connect this beautiful city. Only be warned: Seville can become exceptionally hot in the summertime (with average highs approaching 95°F), so you may want to do your strolling on the shady side of the street!

Scholarships & Costs

Seville is actually a fairly affordable place for high school programs abroad when considering the heightened costs of living in many other Western European cities. On-the-ground costs, such as food, transportation, and entertainment, are even cheaper in Seville than in many other major Spanish cities, such as Barcelona or Madrid.

Fees for high school programs in Seville and airfare can be quite expensive, however, so it is recommended that high school students seek out the plethora of scholarships and fundraising opportunities available for them to soften the costs. Everyone deserves the chance to travel abroad in high school, and you would be surprised how many people are willing to help make your trip a reality!

Accommodation & Visas

Most high school programs in Seville will set you up living with a Spanish host family within a reasonable distance of your school. Homestays are a great way to gain exposure to Spanish family life, build solid relationships abroad, and enjoy daily fresh cooked meals. Some high school programs in Seville, usually those that entail coursework at a high school or university, will also give students the opportunity to live in dormitories, though this is a less common option than homestays.

Spain’s visa policy varies depending on your home nation. Students coming from within the European Union will not have to obtain a visa, while students coming from outside of Europe will have to acquire a student visa either before entry or after spending 90 days in Spain.

Benefits & Challenges

Explore Spain’s Most Romantic City. Away from the crowd of Spain’s major cities, Seville is architecturally stunning, pristinely located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, and boasts a vibrant culture of Spanish traditions. Is there any better place in the country to spend your summer abroad?

Greatly Improve Your Spanish. Taking classes in a native speaking environment while further refining your language acquisition outside of the classroom will improve your Spanish speaking abilities in ways you did not think possible! The best way to learn a language is by speaking it everyday, and participating in a high school program in Seville will allow you to do just that.

Make Friends From Around the World. By taking part in a high school program in Seville, you will meet peers from all over the globe. The value of cross-cultural interaction at such a young age cannot be stressed enough; you will grow immensely, and have a lot of fun exploring your new environment together too!

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