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A Guide to High School Programs Abroad in Lima

Known around the world for its gastronomic prowess, Lima offers so much more than the roasted pollo a la brasa or perfectly prepared ceviche — although we certainly won’t turn either down! It is also the modern seat of the Incan heritage, and to this day reflects striking contrasts in landscape and culture. By living with families and exploring indigenous communities, high school students have the opportunity to practice their Spanish, study Incan history, and explore the sacred Andes Mountains and lush Amazonian rainforests. Ready, set, GO — it’s time for high school travel in Lima.

Teen Life in Lima

Lima is a desert city situated on the western coast of Peru. As the capital, it is the largest city in the country and the third-largest in South America. It’s densely populated but easy to navigate, and, luckily for you, the Pacific Ocean keeps the climate pretty cool. This makes your midday wanders through the colonial and Spanish baroque streets something to be enjoyed, not avoided. 

Two of the most prominent districts within Lima are the bohemian district of Barranco and the slightly more expensive, westernized district of Miraflores. Both have parks, restaurants, and shopping centers, and one or the other will probably be your home base. In your free time, join the throngs of sun-seekers at the beaches along the northern and southern ends of the city, or take advantage of Lima’s active theater scene. There is also the Historic Centre to explore, with several important churches, monasteries, and the Palace of Torre Tagle.

Perhaps the most enticing of all— the food! Conquistadors and immigrants have been flocking to Lima for decades, and as a result, Peruvian cuisine has taken on flavors from all over the world. Today, Lima’s restaurants and chefs are recognized internationally, and foods like the salchipapa have taken off from the streets of Lima to being staples in Spanish-speaking countries around the globe.

This definitely sounds a bit more exciting than the grub of high school cafeterias back home, no?

Costs of High School in Lima

Like the spit of an angry alpaca, your dollar can really go far in Lima. Program costs might be a couple grand, but life in Lima itself is relatively cheap.

Food and clothes are inexpensive by Western standards. You can spend just $12 for a lunch for five people! Others have been known to drop just $3 for a huge plate of rice and chicken, and less than $1 for fresh fruits and veggies. Starbucks is one place where prices will be comparable to those back home, but other chains, including Subway, are considerably cheaper in Lima (can you say $2 footlong?!).

Programs themselves range from about $2000-$4000 for two weeks to a month of adventure travel and volunteering, and can be up to $11,000 for a year in a Peruvian high school. They tend to include in-country meals, accommodation, transport, excursions, and support throughout your stay, though airfare to and from is on your own. With a part-time job (or two) and some fundraising, this will be an investment well worth the effort when college applications roll around. It’s also worth it to check out the scholarship options and see if you qualify for extra aid.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

While living in Lima, you will be unable to avoid the warmth and generous spirit of the Peruvian people. They are not shy in showing affection, welcoming you into their lives, and showing off their beautiful country. You may be living in Lima, but you’ll be super close to a huge range of landscapes. Mountains, beaches, rainforests, and deserts are all just a bus ride away, and you can experience them all in even the shortest of programs.

There are a few adaptations you’ll need to make. For example, lunch is typically the largest meal of the day and dinner might not come until nine at night, if at all. This will take some adjusting at first and your body may feel out of whack for a week or two. Another thing to get used to is the drinking water— or lack thereof. You will be buying bottled water. Restaurants don’t give tap, and it’s unlikely you’ll even get ice in your drink. It’s also important to take precautions with food, particularly with fruits and vegetables that need to be washed with clean water and preferably be cooked.

All in all, studying abroad in Lima will stand out on college applications, and not just for your having been abroad. It’s a unique destination that celebrates life and nature, and you’ll be right in the thick of it. Pachamama is still revered as the reigning goddess over all things earth, and the cuy (yes, guinea pig) that is offered in sacrifice to her is also offered on menus around the country. 

High school travel programs in Lima let you experience the land, the food, and the language that inspired one of the greatest ancient civilizations in the world. Leave your mark on the mosaic of cultures that are alive there today, and take with you memories of a land and people quite unlike your own.

Read our comprehensive guide on high school programs in Peru for even more awesome info.

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