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Norway is famous for its breathtaking glaciers and fjords, but this country also has large forested areas, rich farmland, gentle valleys, and sunny beaches along its Gulf Stream-warmed coastline. Norwegian architecture is renowned for its stave churches (among the oldest wooden buildings on earth). Citizens are avid winter sport enthusiasts, with skiing ranking as a national pastime. In the sum...


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Experience the Norwegian way of life during this remarkable study abroad program with Greenheart Travel. Based in the dynamic city of Oslo, Norway, students will learn the day to day activities of an average Norwegian teenager as they attend a public high school and stay with a host family.


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Norway is an ideal location to enjoy fun adventures, such as biking, trekking, and rafting, under the Scandinavian skies, thanks to its nearly 19 hours of daylight in the summer months. Embark on this 24-day adventure program for teens. Participants explore Norway by pedaling, paddling, and hiking through fjords, stunning landscapes, rugged terrain, coastlines, and stunning mountain vistas. Par...


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CETUSA provides fifteen to eighteen-year old students in the US the chance to experience life in Norway for a full academic year or a semester through our High School Program. While prior knowledge of the Norwegian language isn’t a requirement, we recommend it. We work closely with our partner in Norway to make sure each student is cared for in both the United States and abroad. This way, they ...