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A Guide to High School Programs Abroad in Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful and fascinating country where elements of African, European, and Middle Eastern cultures blend to create a unique educational experience for high school students. If you are looking to step outside of your comfort zone and travel somewhere that will challenge and excite you, then high school programs in Morocco should be on top of your list. The people, the food, the architecture, everything about Morocco makes it one of the most enriching places to travel in all the world.


Home to 4 millions citizens of diverse backgrounds, Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and one of the most important economic centers in all of Africa. Pristinely located on the country’s west coast facing the Atlantic Ocean, high school students will be awed by the fast pace of life and raw culture that this port city exudes. High school programs in Casablanca are particularly great for students who want a taste of modern Morocco and the industrial heart of the country.

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is another popular destination for high school programs in Morocco. Though much smaller than Casablanca (there are only about 600,000 people living in Rabat), the city plays a vital role in regional politics and is also one of Morocco’s most popular travel destinations. Old and new are both on display in Rabat – for example the city’s medina, or old city, has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site and is still a thriving spot today.

Other popular cities for high school programs in Morocco include Tangier, Meknes, and Marrakech. Each city  something unique to offer in terms of Moroccan culture, so students should take some time to research which location seems like the most enticing option for their goals and interests. Some high school programs in Morocco will also take students to several different locations, which can be a great way to experience the country’s great diversity.

High School Programs in Morocco

There are a wide array of high school programs in Morocco, and each one will allow students to experience different aspects of the country. If you want to earn academic credit while remaining rooted in one location, then you can easily do so by enrolling in a high school study abroad program in Morocco. Courses are typically centered around Moroccan language and culture, which can be a fantastically immersive experience for students who want to learn Arabic and explore the fascinating history of this country.

Students can also choose to embark on an adventure travel program in Morocco, which is not necessarily academically oriented, but can offer students a fun and highly educational experience nonetheless. Adventure programs often move about, from city to city, giving students a taste of different cultural nuances across the Moroccan countryside and also giving them the chance to join exciting outings and activities, such as trekking, desert camping, and camel riding.

Often volunteer and community service opportunities are also combined with adventure programs, and also study abroad programs, to further expose students to the experiences and lives of locals.

High school programs in Morocco are generally offered during the summertime, and can last for one week to two months. Safety is a top priority for high school programs abroad, and Morocco is no exception, so students can rest assured that they will always be accounted for and taken care of throughout their trip.

Scholarships & Costs

On-the-ground expenses in Morocco are very affordable for students coming from the industrialized world. For example, meals will generally only cost a couple of dollars, and gifts for friends and family can be bought cheaply as well.

The fees associated with high school programs in Morocco, which tend to include expenses such as transportation, housing, and tuition, can be quite expensive. If affordability is an obstacle preventing you from going to Morocco, then check out GoAbroad’s Scholarship Directory or start an online fundraising campaign to help you fund your program expenses.

Accommodation & Visas

Students who are participating in a high school program that is based in one city will often be placed with or choose to live in a homestay, which can be a great way to cross cultural barriers and experience Moroccan family life more intimately. If you are traveling throughout several areas of the country on an adventure program, then you will likely be staying in various types of accommodations, ranging from hotels and hostels to guest housing in rural areas.

Morocco’s visa policy is pretty relaxed, and often you will only have to apply for an extension if you plan on staying in the country for longer than three months. Since most high school programs in Morocco are shorter than 90 days, visas shouldn’t be much of a problem. Students can learn more about Moroccan visa policies through GoAbroad’s Moroccan Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Expand your Worldview. Morocco’s history is very much influenced by its regional conspicuousness, and the result is a hodgepodge of diverse cultural elements. It is unlike anywhere else on earth, and traveling to Morocco at a young age will open your eyes to a whole different side of the world.

Learn Arabic. Moroccan Arabic may be quite distinct from its mother tongue, but nonetheless you should be able to pick up a good amount of the language during your time in Morocco. Even if you are not enrolled in Arabic courses, learning a few basic phrases can take you a long way.

The Road Less Traveled. Morocco is a destination way off the radar for most high school students. Participating in a high school program in Morocco will be a challenge but it will set you apart from the crowd in terms of global travel experience.

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A Guide To
High School Programs Abroad in Morocco


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