High School Programs in Malta

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Languages Abroad

Languages Abroad provides individuals, from ages 13 to 18, with one of the most conducive ways to learn the English language. Programs in Malta are conducted in the format of a summer camp. During the four-week program, students attend language courses paired with fun sports, cultural, and social activities, while savoring the genuine cultural environment.


General & Vocational Education, University Preparation

Boost your academic and English language knowledge while experiencing most of Malta through a range of general and vocational educational programs! You will study at one of the world’s first English language schools in the world and the first ever in Malta. We boast of an unmatched reputation, as well as regularly updated teaching methods. Our programs span across university preparation, voc...


Study the English Language in Malta with Maltalingua

The Island of Malta is not only famous for the sunny climate, its unique culture and the easy-going Maltese lifestyle, but is also one of the top destinations to learn the English language. Being a part of the British Empire for almost 200 years, the English language became the lasting legacy and is one of Maltas official languages. The smallest of the EU states has become an increasingl...