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Volunteer in Jamaica with RSVP Caribbean

Volunteer in Jamaica with RSVP Caribbean and participate in meaningful projects that make a real difference. Our projects are available all year round. Projects include Child Care and Protection, Elderly Care, Teaching, Sports, Medicine and Healthcare, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Humanitarian, Environmental Awareness and Protection, Reggae Music and Dance and Rastafarian Culture.


Sports For Social Change

What is work without a little play? Bring your enthusiasm and energy on this program as you will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful island of Jamaica through sports and service. Stay active with the children in the community, many of whom are naturally athletically gifted. Ability isn’t the core target, however. Rather, the importance lies in producing opportunities for fun and those whi...


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High School Travel Programs To Jamaica

Jamaica International Projects high school travel packages are designed for high school groups from around the world to travel to Jamaica and gain a better understanding of its culture while engaging in meaningful projects. Some high school projects include volunteer programs, such as orphanage, volunteer teaching, medical projects, environmental conservation, sports coaching, and more, cult...