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A Guide to High School Programs Abroad in Venice

Venice has been called the most beautiful city built by man, and while walking its cobblestone streets over sprawling bridges and canals it’s not hard to understand why. Once the center of a powerful republic, Venice has thrived for hundreds of years floating pristinely on the Venetian Lagoon at the north end of the Adriatic Sea. A city of music, masks, and memories waiting to be created, Venice is one of the most fascinating European destination you can choose for high school programs abroad.

High School Programs in Venice

Some high school programs are rooted in Venice and enable you to live in the city for up to two months over the summer. You will have the opportunity to take courses for academic credit while there, either at a local high school or with a qualified teacher working through your program. Popular subjects for high school study abroad in Venice include Italian language, history, crafts, and culinary arts.

Other high schools programs will stop over in Venice, as one of several more cities included in a program that involves traveling throughout Italy or southern Europe. This type of adventure travel program is great for students who want to experience as much of the region as possible, and will give you the opportunity to explore other great Italian cities, such as Florence and Rome too.

Both of these types of high school programs in Venice tend to include extracurricular cultural activities, such as attending festivals or shows and visiting local museums or marketplaces. Cultural immersion is a big part of high school programs abroad, and most high school programs in Venice will help you take full advantage of all the city has to offer.

Safety is something that high school program providers take very seriously, so there is no need to raise too much concern over how safe you will be during your high school program in Venice. Venice is actually a very safe city, and students will always be accounted for by their program organizer!

Life in Venice

Venice is actually quite small, and the whole city has been officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its impressive uniqueness. Venice consists of both the historic city, which is a grouping of 118 small islands on the Venetian Lagoon connected by an intricate series of canals and bridges, and the mainland, which is where the bulk of the population resides.

One of Venice’s most iconic features is that there are no automobiles allowed in the historic city, making Venice the largest car-free area in Europe. Transportation is instead utilized via the canals by water taxis, water busses, and the infamous gondolas (which are mainly used today for ceremonies and tourism). Walking Venice is also a delight, especially in the summer time, and is made possible by the many historic bridges interconnecting the city.

While Venice boasts a long and fascinating history, as Europe’s most important trade port, today it is more of a popular travel destination than a formidable economic power. In addition to its scenic beauty and inescapable romanticism, the city is also infamous for its artistic expertise in crafts such as mask-making, printing, and glass blowing. Those interested in the fine arts and crafts could hardly find a better place for high school programs abroad than Venice!

Scholarships & Costs

High school programs in Venice can be fairly expensive, so be sure to take advantage of all the great scholarship and fundraising opportunities out there to help cover the costs of your trip. Italy is one of the costlier countries for high school programs abroad, and in Venice prices can be even higher because it is such a popular tourist destination. Don’t worry too much though, just learn how to stay away from tourist traps and budget and you should be fine!

Accommodation & Visas

Homestays are the most popular form of housing for high school programs in Venice, giving students the tremendous opportunity to fully embrace the Italian family life (and enjoy some fine home cooked meals). High school programs in Italy that move around from city to city will likely allow students to stay in a variety of different accommodations, such as hotels, boarding houses, and hostels.

Italy’s visa policy differs depending on your home nation. High school students from some countries will have to apply for a visa for entry, while others will be allowed to visit Italy visa-free. For more information on the visa situation for your home country, you can check out GoAbroad’s Italian Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Live in Magnificence. The city of Venice is one of the most impressive architectural feats ever completed, and there is nowhere else quite like it on Earth. Stunning scenery, rustic buildings, historical monuments, Venice has it all, and every day spent exploring the streets is a new adventure.

Know Your History. Italy has a long and winding history dating back millennia, and it is often forgotten that for a while Venice was one of the most influential cities in the world. A center of trade, art, and culture for hundreds of years, it has certainly lost none of its aesthetic prestige.

Explore Italian Culture. Adapting to another culture can be challenging, but during a high school program in Venice you will be charmed by the enthusiasm and friendliness of the Italian people. Insider tip: learning a bit of the local language will take you a long way!

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