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A Guide to High School Programs Abroad in Paris

Need we say anything at all about why to apply for a high school program in Paris? One of the world’s greatest and most iconic cities, Paris has long been centrally influential to the development of global affairs and remains so to this day. The “City of Love” quite literally has it all, art, culture, food, history, architecture, and some of the best schools in the world. High school programs in Paris will be a tremendously enriching experience in one of the world’s greatest cities.

High School Programs Abroad in Paris

Many high school programs in Paris are centered around language immersion. If you are studying French then the best way to improve your fluency with the language is actually traveling to a French speaking country and using it on a daily basis. If you have never taken a French class in your life then don’t fret, courses are available at all levels, from beginning to intermediate to advanced. 

Beyond language, programs might also focus on studying a specific aspect of French culture, while embarking on many interactive field trips throughout the city scape. If you are interested in such subjects as art, cooking, photography, or other specialized disciplines, then there are quite a few opportunities for you to travel abroad and enroll in cultural immersion courses within the cultural hotbed that is Paris.

For those who are restless and do not want to be held to just one city, some adventure programs in France will take you to Paris as just one stop on a tour of the entire French countryside. Embarking on a high school program abroad such as this is a great way to gain exposure to the whole country, beyond just the capital city. Plus, odds are you will still be spending a significant chunk of time in Paris, if that is the city that interests you most.

Most high school programs in Paris run over the summer and can last anywhere from two weeks to two months. Many high school study abroad programs in Paris also offer academic credit for learning experiences completed abroad, either for high school or college courses. It is also possible to study abroad in Paris for a full semester or even academic year if you are ambitious; there are many boarding schools in the city open to international students and foreign exchange program participants.

Life in Paris

Paris is the capital of France and a major financial, educational, and political hub of the continent. It is also the second largest metropolitan area in Europe (after London) and a highly ranked global city, hosting an ethnically diverse population as well as prestigious international organizations and corporations with ties all over the world. So, simply put, Paris is kind of a big deal.

Paris can be overwhelming at times if you are not used to life in the big city; like any major urban area it has its share of poverty and crime, though you will always be made secure and accounted for as a high school student abroad (high school programs tend to be more rigidly structured and offer greater levels of supervision than college study abroad programs). Enjoy the adventure, and if you play by the rules then safety need not be a concern!

While in Paris you will have access to some of the best museums, theaters, cafes, restaurants, and other such cultural establishments in the world. Far beyond the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, you will have the opportunity to explore the deeper nooks and crannies of the city as a high school student in Paris. The metro system in Paris is great, making travel throughout the cityscape easy and accessible. 

You should take every opportunity possible to practice your French while in Paris. Not only with this tremendously improve your proficiency with the language, but you will find locals to be much more engaging and hospitable if you are able to speak French to them as well. Parisians are very proud and cultured people, and conversations with locals will likely be the most memorable you will have!

Costs & Affordability

Paris is quite an expensive city to live in, even by European standards. Different high school programs will vary in both affordability and inclusions offered throughout the the trip, so it is important to research these financial details carefully before deciding which fits best for your academic interests and budget. If you are put off by the initial expenses don’t fret – fundraising can prove a tremendous financial boost for any high school student headed to Paris.

Accommodation & Visas

Most students who join a high school abroad program in Paris either live in a homestay or dormitory style housing situation. Homestays are a great way to become close with a local Parisian family and to practice your French on a daily basis (the home cooking sure isn’t bad either). Dormitory style living can be fun too and give you a taste of what college will be like, though you will likely be under more strict supervision.

Coming from most Western countries you will only need to obtain a student visa if you plan on participating in a program for longer than three months. High school students coming from within the EU will not need to obtain a visa at all.

Benefits & Challenges

High school programs in Paris will be a fun and personally rewarding experience that will open your eyes to the wide world beyond your home. It may certainly prove challenging to leave home and embark alone on a world adventure at such a young age; however, through the process you will come to discover much about another culture and yourself in one of the most important and culturally influential cities in the world. Allez les Bleus!

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High School Programs Abroad in Paris


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SPI High School Study Abroad in France

High school students can earn academic credits in just two to four weeks with SPI Study Abroad in Paris, France. Get a head start on college in the amazing seaside town of BIarritz, known as the surfing capital of Europe. To be eligible, students must have at least one year of French classes and have completed grades 9-12 at the time of the program.


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Study Abroad in Paris with Youth For Understanding (YFU)

Embark on an adventure-filled program with Youth For Understanding in Paris, France. High school participants can increase their cultural experience through living with a local family, visiting famous castles and cathedrals, or taking trips to the mountains and prairies. Students can build long-term acquaintances through participating in summer, semester, or year-long programs.


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Journey through France via Travel For Teens Programs

Engage in this exhilarating program offered by Travel for Teens in Paris. World-renowned for its stunning sights and flourishing culture, participants get the chance to experience the authentic French way of life as they learn the language, partake in excursions, and interact with the locals in their daily activities. Programs last for one to two weeks.


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ON TOUR Backpack France, Switzerland & Italy - 28 Days

This trip affords the right amount of flexibility to explore three different countries in Europe, and still become immersed with the small tour groups. From whitewater rafting through the Alps to cruising the River Seine and onward to a tour of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, there will be plenty to write home about. It is a great opportunity for photographers, adventure travelers...


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ISA High School: Study Abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France

Aix-en-Provence is a picturesque city in Southern France, located just 30 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea. It is the quintessential university town due to warm weather, proximity to incredible beaches, and rich artistic history. The festive summer atmosphere includes concerts, outdoor markets, art shows, fairs, and local celebrations. The area of France known as Provence or the French Rivier...


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Experiment in International Living

Immerse yourself in the French way of life by learning the art of French cooking or explore artistic sites through painting and photography classes offered by Experiment in International Living in Paris, France. High school students can meet with local artists and craftsmen or engage with professional chefs and gain experience in their chosen field. Programs usually last from two to eight weeks.


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Summer & Gap Year Programs with API High School and Gap Year

Academic Programs International (API) High School offers various Summer programs for high school students, and API Gap Year offers programs for recent high school graduates. These consist of study, adventure, volunteer, and immersion offerings in Europe Latin America, and Asia. All of our gap year programs (and some of our summer programs) are offered for college credit, and all provide an eye-...


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High School Cultural Experience in France

If the Louvre, Eiffel tower, Bordeaux vineyards, cruising down the Seine river, walking along Champs Elyse, wine and cheese, vineyards, baguette, macaroons, and croissants make you want to live in France, then this program is for you. Campus Education Australia (CEA) works with partner organizations in securing high quality placements for international students in a language school or a loca...


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Broadreach Summer Adventures for Students

Broadreach offers experiential summer adventures for middle school, high school and college students, including scuba, sailing, STEM, animal science, marine biology, language immersion and photography and multimedia programs that span the globe. Over the years, we've taken thousands of teenagers to some of the world's most incredible destinations -- the islands of the Caribbean, Australia, Fiji...


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High School Exchange Programs at AFS Intercultural Programs/

Live in Paris and indulge in the French way of life through a high school intercultural program offered by AFS-USA. Study abroad for a year, semester, or summer and make friends with Parisians while immersing yourself in the French language and culture. Students have the option to stay with a host family often in the best part of the city. The program is limited to American participants only.


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Develop your creativity through this summer program in Fashion Design and Pattern-Making offered by ESMOD Paris. Located in the fashion capital of the world, high school students can spend two to four weeks practicing techniques in sketching, draping, and sewing. Draw inspiration from the incredible architecture and famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame Cathed...


CIEE High School Summer: Paris, France / French Language

Discover the elegance and charm of Parisian life while immersed in the language spoken by more than 100 million people. Learn and perfect your French with native professors. Explore the city’s rich heritage, one neighborhood or museum at a time. Discover hidden treasures during fieldtrips throughout France. Live with a local family and get into the rhythm of everyday life, sharing authentic F...


Putney Student Travel

Study Parisian architecture or sail down the Seine on the Bateau Mouche through these four high school programs offered by Putney Student Travel. Students can stay from two to eight weeks with a local family to further their fluency in the French language. The program is open to individuals from all over the world.


Education Systems and Policies in the European Union

Forum-Nexus offers a unique independent-study opportunity for education majors. Students will have the opportunity to study different education systems and policies in each of the countries visited throughout the Forum-Nexus program. Students will also have the opportunity to visit multinational companies and international organizations and understand their perspectives on related issues. Stude...