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A Guide to High School Programs in Nice

La vie est belle, especially when you are a high school student abroad in Nice. The long pebbled beach and warm red roofs of Nice are bathed in sunshine all year round, and the Mediterranean sea tries constantly to out-blue the sky. The elegant waterfront promenade and quaint old town set the scene for markets bursting with fresh fruit and fish stalls and ice cream parlors serving up gelato inspired by neighboring Italy. It’s no wonder why the rich and famous flock to Nice, and the rest of the French Riviera. You don’t need to be a millionaire to lap up the joie de vivre in Nice though: you just need a sense of adventure and the perfect high school program.

High School Programs in Nice

So what exactly constitutes the perfect high school study abroad in France? How long should you go for? How does it all work?

High school programs and student exchanges in Nice are designed to give you an immersive experience of Niçois culture, sharpen up your français language skills, and give you a true taste of how your peers live in France. Being thrown into a language and education system that are completely alien to you can be terrifying and exhilarating at the same time: you will be spun along on a rollercoaster that whips you out of your comfort zone and into an unforgettable adventure.

One of the biggest aspects of high school programs abroad in Nice is cultural exploration. France may be a western country, but the cultural differences between la France and pretty much everywhere else are vast. Exploring the history and culture of France will help deepen your understanding of your environment and forge strong connections with your classmates and host family.

Language immersion, such as during French summer programs, can also be instrumental in making friends and settling into French life. French might be a tough language to wrap your tongue around, but it is worth every faux pas. Throw yourself into it and you will be surprised how fast you progress!

No matter what kind of program you choose, you will be placed in a host family for the duration of your stay. You will discover that they love sharing their culture, language, and food with you! The amount of time you stay in Nice is up to you. The most popular option is to go for one or two months over summer, but you can go for a full year if you are feeling adventurous, or just a couple of weeks if you would prefer.

Life in Nice

Living in a homestay, you will get to experience la vie francaise. The rhythms of life in France can hold lots of surprises, but also lots of simple pleasures that make life in Nice so enjoyable.

Life in Nice tends to revolve around food. When you are invited into someone’s home for lunch, for example, you won’t be fed sandwiches. Be sure to go with an empty stomach, because even the most modest French lunch will be a four course marathon of eating. And just when you think you’re done, they will bring out the cheese.

Markets are a pivotal part of life in Nice, and tagging along with your host mom to shop for vegetables is an experience in itself. From grizzled old goat farmers hawking their homemade cheese, to stalls overflowing with lavender scents emanating from creamy soap bars, to bottles of locally produced olive oil glowing in the sunlight, Nice’s markets are a delight for all the senses. They’re also the best place to pick up non-tacky souvenirs for your friends and family at home.

When you’re not trying to get your head around irregular verb conjugations, there is an endless list of things to see and do in Nice. Whether roller-skating the Promenade des Anglais, climbing Castle Hill, or wandering open-mouthed through art museums packed with works from artists who were inspired by the surrounding landscapes, you will barely have a chance to sit still.

Scholarships & Costs

The glitz and glamour of the French Riviera comes at a price — whether you choose semester, year, or French summer programs. Nice has a reputation for being trés chèr, with some of the highest living costs in France.

High school study abroad program fees in France can be high because of the cost of things such as accommodation and transportation. The good news is your program fees cover pretty much everything. You will only need a little extra cash to treat yourself to all of the pastries calling your name from boulangerie windows.

Nice is a flashy town, and if you aren’t cruising around in one of the luxury yachts that line up in the marina here, you might need some help covering your program fees. Happily so, there are a wide range of financial options out there. You just need to find one that suits you in the GoAbroad Scholarship Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Going abroad in high school might seem like a daunting prospect, but when you weigh up the benefits of a high school program in Nice, it makes taking the plunge worthwhile.

You will get an inside look at a completely different culture, giving you a different perspective on the world and your own country. Seeing life from the angle of a high school student in Nice will help develop empathy and promote cross-cultural understanding, which are invaluable attributes in an ever more globalized world. High school is a time of development, and a high school program in Nice is an opportunity to really steer your personal growth in the right direction.

Your high school program abroad in Nice will lead you to discover a sense of independence and self-confidence you never knew you had. All of the skills and experience you gain will set you up for success in any career you choose. Plus you get to impress your friends back home (and those college admissions counselors!) with your suave new French skills. 

Be warned though: France is like an éclair au chocolat. One taste is never enough! Once you have experienced life in Nice for yourself, you will want to go back over and over again.

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