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A Guide to High School Programs Abroad in Oxford

Oxford is perhaps the most renowned university town in the world. A small city of around 150,000 inhabitants, with an intellectual atmosphere pervading throughout, it also happens to be one of England’s most diverse and fastest growing hotspots. The University of Oxford is considered by many to be the best in the world, and high school students from everywhere can benefit from high school programs in Oxford, one of the world’s most stimulating environments. Quite simply, when you’re surrounded by the greatest, you push yourself to new heights!

High School Programs in Oxford

There are several summer high school programs at Oxford University, during which students from all across the globe can get a taste of collegiate life at one of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions. For two to six weeks, students can enroll in classes ranging from medieval history to English literature to philosophy and economics. Students can even earn academic credit that will transfer back to their home high school, or even toward a future college degree!

The school’s summer high school program also is focused on preparing high school students for the college application process through a variety of interactive workshops and seminars. If you are prepping to begin applying to colleges, why not take lessons from the best? Additional field trips throughout Oxford and to neighboring cities and sites in England are also often a part of any summer high school program in Oxford.

Oxford is a bigger city than just the university, however. Another option for high school students who want to spend time in this academically enriching town is to enroll in an exchange program at a local high school. Exchange programs can last for a summer, semester, or even an entire year. Although an exchange program will take a good degree more organization with your home high school to pull off, it can be worth it for students who want to take their international experience to the next level.

Life in Oxford

Oxford’s history and identity have always been tied to its university, which is the oldest college in all of the English speaking world. Oxford first became a noteworthy settlement in England during the middle ages, and its university was quick to follow suit. Though no one knows the specific date of its foundation, the University of Oxford is believed to have come into existence nearly 1,000 years ago.

Today, many of Oxford’s local businesses and top industries have roots in academia. From major publishing names, like the Oxford University Press, to prestigious scientific corporations based in university research, the college seems to have an omnipotent presence around town. The school itself enrolls some 22,000 students each year, which constitutes roughly 15 percent of the city’s population.

But there is still plenty to do in Oxford beyond education. Shops, theaters, museums, parks, libraries, during any high school program in Oxford students should take advantage of all that the city has to offer. On the weekends, students can spend their free time exploring the beautiful historical architecture and surrounding countryside. Oxford is also only a short train ride away from other exciting locations around the British Isles, such as London, Edinburgh, and Dublin.

Scholarships & Costs

The University of Oxford has a very large endowment, so there are a respectable amount of scholarship opportunities for high school students who need financial aid to go abroad. Even with scholarship assistance, the costs of living in Oxford, including food and entertainment, are not exactly cheap. In some respects Oxford can be even more expensive than London.

Plan ahead and learn how to get by on a student’s budget, however, and you should be fine. Many high school programs in Oxford will also lessen on-the-ground costs by providing meals and housing as part of tuition costs.

Accommodation & Visas

There is a huge population of international students in Oxford, making dorm life a fun and enriching experience. Supervision tends to be more strict for high school programs in Oxford, so you may have a curfew and other restrictions, but nonetheless it will be a blast making friends and getting to know peers from all over the world.

England’s visa policy varies from country to country, so you should check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory to learn the specifics about your home nation’s documentation requirements. For a large part of the world, you will only need a visa if you plan on staying in Oxford for longer than six months. Residents of many other nations, though, will need to apply for a visa before arrival.

Benefits & Challenges

Best of the Best. Oxford tops the list of many world university rankings, making it the number one place for high school programs abroad for academically ambitious students from all over the world. Even if you stay for just a few weeks, the experience will be incredibly enriching.

Impress Admissions. Needless to say, studying abroad in Oxford certainly won’t look bad on your college application. If you’re looking to stand out among the crowd, high school programs in Oxford are the way to go.

Network Globally. Every year, Oxford hosts high school students from dozens of countries all over the world, giving students a unique opportunity to interact with peers of all different backgrounds. They may even find that the best education comes from each other!

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A Guide To
High School Programs Abroad in Oxford


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