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Study Abroad in London with API. Students, ages 16 to 18, can experience the English literary culture through a full tour of London and develop their writing skills along the way. This program is open to American participants and scholarships are available.


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High school students can spend two to four weeks in the summer living on the campus of Cambridge University through Reach Cambridge study abroad programs. The program combines academic courses with a university preparation program, which includes excursions to London, Brighton, and even Warwick Castle in England.


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Studying abroad in the United Kingdom is an adventure that will take students out of the everyday classroom experience and into a global learning environment. Students can explore the historical and beautiful landscapes of Great Britain, make lifelong international friends, and have unforgettable experiences. With only around one percent of high school students studying abroad each year, thi...


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This exclusive ISSOS summer school program is offered to high school students from 13-18 years old. A unique opportunity to combine learning, creative enrichment and action-packed adventure, students will study either in St Andrews, Cambridge or Yale, three historic, stunning, and picturesque university towns. This three week summer school program ensures a truly international experience inasmu...


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Global Social Leaders is a unique two week residential leadership programme which takes place at Wellington College in the stunning English countryside. Join 100 young people aged 15-17 from around the world to exchange ideas, consider different leadership models and discuss how you can make a positive impact on your local community. Make friends, have fun, join a global network of young lea...


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Oxbridge Future Leaders is a remarkable humanities and social sciences summer school in the city of Oxford in the United Kingdom. The school is looking for students aged 16 to 23 who want to become future leaders of the world. The school offers students the opportunity to stay in an Oxford college building in the heart of the historic city, and be inspired by its medieval splendor. It also o...


UCFB’s Short Study Programmes are a chance to learn skills vital to attaining a job in the football, sport and events industries, and provides the opportunity to study in and around Wembley Stadium, London, in the country of the birthplace of football – England. Studying in London gives students the chance to experience famous landmarks including the River Thames, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.


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Travel and study English in one of the world’s most prestigious academic communities: Oxford. Through the Center for Study Abroad high school program in England, students from all over the world have a chance to experience international campus life for a week or two. Study in Oxford University and enjoy the benefits of the program including tuition, housing, and local excursions.


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Join peers your own age for musical theatre training in some of the West End’s most famous studios...the same studios where they rehearse the West End shows! You will take classes in acting, singing, dance, audition techniques, and stage combat, and participate in workshops of West End shows led by current West End cast members. You will get a backstage tour of at least one West End theatre dep...


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Discover the wonders of London through a tour program with Westcoast Connection Active Teen Tours. High School students can join a program for two to four weeks where they are toured around the famous English attractions and taking part in different outdoor activities. The program is open to worldwide participants and will be a group made up of 24 to 48 students.


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High school students on the search for help in preparing for college can find expert advice through college preparation programs at the Oxford International Study Centre in England. The center provides courses in over twenty subjects and helps students practice for entrance examinations and university applications.


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The Program is aimed at High School graduates who want to spend one, two or three terms abroad, expanding their horizons at the same time as preparing for college-level work. We offer a range of academic courses taught by highly qualified tutors and classes are a combination of small group seminars and Oxford University-style individual tutorials, ensuring close attention is paid to the needs o...

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High School Programs in England

Traveling to England while in high school is a rare opportunity to expand your world perspective at an early age. For a long time England has been one of the most influential countries in the world, and although it is only a small island in the North Atlantic, in England you will discover an immense wealth of cultural, historical, and educational treasures. For young students who are ambitious and want to see the world, a high school program in England will undoubtedly create an insatiable appetite for adventure.


England is a small island nation, roughly the size of New York state. It is possible to travel from one end of the country to the other in a matter of hours, making travel throughout quite easy. Many high school study abroad programs take students from place to place across the country, so students can experience the diversity of the country’s cities, towns, and landscapes. Even if your high school program in England is rooted in one location, frequent day trips or overnight excursions to other parts of the country are not at all uncommon.

If your high school program in England entails staying in one location, then consider London as an exciting and highly enriching place for high school study abroad. One of the world’s true global cities, London is a melting pot of people and cultures from all over the world. There seems to be something new and different embedded in every neighborhood you come across, making exploration in the city a fun and eye opening pastime. With a variety of historical and cultural attractions, such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum, your educational curiosities are sure to be satisfied as well.

Other locations for high school study abroad in England include Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, and Cambridge. While not as globally oriented as London, these smaller urban areas and townships offer high school students an enlivening experience of authentic British culture. Take your time to research different international programs for high school students to find one that seems most interesting to you.

Programs & Placements

Most high school programs in England last from two to four weeks over the summer and offer a full agenda of exciting cultural activities and outings to embark on. Some international programs for high school students include travel to several different locations in England, or in Europe for that matter, while others will explore a particular area (i.e. London) in greater depth. Many high school study abroad programs in England offer a theme based on your academic interests, so those who are interested in specific fields, such as science, history, or British literature, can enjoy a highly educative experience in those specific areas. 

For high school students who are more academically oriented, there are also high school programs offered by prestigious universities throughout England for ambitious young learners who want a taste of what collegiate life will be like. Schools such as Oxford and Cambridge offer programs specifically designed for high school students, which can last up to six weeks and offer college credits for courses completed.

Different high school programs in England will vary in structure and the type of supervision that they provide for students. Some will have a detailed agenda and consistent supervision by an adult, while others will give participants more freedom to explore on their own. When looking through potential programs it is important that you consider factors such as these, so that your experience will fully match your expectations (and probably exceed them too!).

Scholarships & Costs

England is a fairly expensive country to travel abroad in, though it depends on the location you choose. Costs of living in London tend to soar above most other places, while prices in any big city will exceed those in the countryside. Often high school study abroad programs in England will cover most daily costs (i.e. meals, housing, transportation) in upfront fees, so students need not worry about spending too much money for their remaining needs while abroad.

Accommodation & Visas

Your high school program provider in England will likely organize accommodations for you. On the other hand, programs that allow students to travel throughout the country will change accommodations frequently. Most programs rooted in one place will offer students the opportunity to live either in a homestay or in a group living situation (such as student dormitories). In either case consistent supervision is likely to be provided, so safety and security in your new home need not be a concern.

Coming from most Western countries you will only need a visa to attend high school in England if you program lasts for longer than three months (which is rarely the case). Coming from other parts of the world you might be required to obtain a visa prior to entry, but each country’s policy is unique.

Benefits & Challenges

Embarking on a high school study abroad program will set you ahead of the curve and give you a sense of newfound freedom discovering the world beyond your home. England is a country which, while small, has had an immense influence on the development of world culture and affairs. Wherever you end up in the country you are bound to have an educational and personally rewarding experience traveling, stepping outside your comfort zone and delving head first into the British culture and way of life.

High school programs in England are your chance for a great adventure - it is never too early to start seeing the world!

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