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Youth For Understanding (YFU)

YFU cultural exchange volunteer programs provide the ultimate reality check to a worldview based on stereotypes. YFU helps young adults make a difference and make the world their home. Through YFU cultural exchange we help them to appreciate differences and embrace similarities. YFU volunteers in Ecuador have the opportunity to give back to their host communities, all while being immersed i...


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Ecuador: The Galápagos Islands & The Andes

You will land in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, to begin your Experiment. There, you will explore the Old Town. Next, continue to the Amazon Basin, where you will experience the stunning waterfalls of Baños and get up-close and personal with monkeys and exotic birds as you canoe down the Napo River. Next, you will travel to the Andes for a weeklong homestay in the small city of Riobamba. You will de...


API High School : Conservation and Service in Ecuador

Academic Programs International High School students in Ecuador will get to see many different facets of this beautiful country: from the quaint colonialism of the capital city, to indigenous marketplaces, to amazing environmental sites such as snow-capped volcanoes, dense jungles, and even a cloud forest. Students will fulfill 20 service hours through once-in-a-lifetime experiences, helping to...


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Broadreach Summer Adventures for Students

Broadreach offers experiential summer adventures for middle school, high school and college students, including scuba, sailing, multi-sport, marine biology, language immersion and community service programs that span the globe. Over the years, we've taken thousands of teenagers to some of the world's most incredible destinations -- the islands of the Caribbean, Australia, Fiji, the Solomon Isla...


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There are volunteer work placements available in both urban and rural Ecuador. Our volunteer/intern work placements include the following projects: (1) Caregiving * Orphanage Work ((Minimum 4 weeks) * Street Children Work (Minimum 4 weeks) (2) Community Development * Agriculture and Community Work (Minimum 1 week) (3) Healthcare * Medical Work (Minimum 4 weeks) (4) HIV/AIDS Work...


AFS Intercultural Programs: High School Abroad in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most fascinating destinations in South America with its array of vibrant cultures, historical colonial architecture, volcanic landscapes, and dense rainforest - all in a nation no bigger than Nevada! The country's ethnic diversity extends from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon. Traditional arts, textiles, and ceramics tell the story of an Ecuadorian culture that dates from...


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Putney Student Travel

Immerse yourself this summer on this language program in Ecuador for high school students. Practice your Spanish each day as you work hand in hand with Ecuadorian friends in a small mountain village. Undertake meaningful community service initiatives ranging from volunteer construction projects to running a summer camp for local children to helping farmers harvest crops. During your last week i...


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A Broader View Volunteers Corp

Delve into a new language! We provide you the chance to fully immerse into Ecuadorian culture and learn Spanish. Spanish is taught on a one on one student teacher ratio or up to three students per group, focusing in conversation practice, grammar, readings and the vocabulary according to the student level and needs.


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Care for Children at a Children's Hospital in Ecuador | TWW

Children from all over Ecuador end up in this hospital with a range of short and long term medical conditions. You'll help to keep them cheerful and optimistic during their stay with games and other activities, as well as providing educational support to those who've been in hospital a long time. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet some of Ecuador's bravest children and put a smile back...


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Global Leadership Adventures

Global Leadership Adventures presents a fresh, new approach to service-learning for intellectually curious and socially oriented teenagers. Programs are offered in 11 countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Participants explore historic and natural sites in different countries while they learn the local language and history, and serve the community through meaningful volunteer ...