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Travel For Teens

Scandinavia combines all the adventure and excitement of an exotic destination with the energy and culture of some of the world’s coolest and most cosmopolitan cities. We’ll spend our time moving back and forth between pristine wilderness and fast-paced urban living.


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Greenheart Travel

Experience living in Denmark with Greenheart Travel. The brilliant city of Copenhagen serves as the program's headquarters. Students will have an enriching experience abroad while interacting with Danish classmates, as well as practicing the country's language with their host families. This program is only open to high school students.


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Focus on Denmark: Study with AFS

Denmark is a small country that has a lot to offer within easy reach: beautiful landscapes, informal culture, modern cities, and a large physical presence–its easily recognizable peninsula juts straight into the North Sea, serving as a literal bridge between Scandinavia and continental Europe.


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Study Abroad with CETUSA in Denmark

CETUSA offers a High School Program that permits fifteen to eighteen-year old students abroad to spend a full academic year or a semester experiencing life in another country. While prior knowledge of the Danish language isn’t a requirement, we recommend it. We work closely with our partner in Denmark to make sure each student is cared for in both the United States and abroad. This way, they wi...