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Study Abroad in the Czech Republic

Dobry den! Interested in studying abroad in Europe, but want a destination that's a little more unique? The Czech Republic may be just the place for you! Rich with history, the Czech Republic is a small country but it has much to offer. From its picturesque heritage sites to its charming villages, the country's beauty can also be found in its warm and welcoming people and vibrant culture. Try ...


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TFT: Eastern Europe - Budapest, Krakow and Prague

Take the road less traveled and explore three of the most culturally and historically rich cities of Eastern Europe: Budapest, Krakow and Prague. There are hidden treasures around every corner in these imperial cities, from the thermal baths in Budapest, to the quaint streets of Krakow and the magical fairytale city of Prague. Discover the fascinating history of Eastern Europe during the Nazi a...


Westcoast Connection | Czech Republic Summer 2018

Join Westcoast Connection on a teen Global Adventure this summer in the Czech Republic, a fascinating country that breathes the history of Europe through the walls of its historic castles, on the banks of its rivers, and behind the gates of its fortresses. Perched on the banks of the legendary Vltava River, Prague, the capital city, is home to the oldest and grandest medieval castle in Europe. ...


CIEE High School Summer: Prague / Creative Arts Studio

Make your mark in the Czech Republic, a burgeoning hub of contemporary art, design, and innovation. Perched atop one of Prague’s highest hills, in what was once a legendary seat of Czech royalty, sits one of your summer classrooms. With walls dating from the medieval days, the historical building serves as the CIEE Study Center and commands sweeping views of one of the world’s most exquisit...


AFS Intercultural Programs: Study Abroad in Czech Republic

The people of the Czech Republic are among some of the most open-minded in central Europe. Their capital city, Prague, is world-renowned for its support of contemporary artists and the bohemian lifestyle. Outside of Prague is a wonderful countryside full of farms, forests, ponds, fairy-tale villages and rustic hills sheltering castles.


Affordable Summer in Europe: 8 credits, 4 weeks, 7 countries

Summer Travel Program Europe: East to West Warsaw-Krakow-Prague-Berlin-Brussels-Paris-Rome Study abroad on the most affordable summer travel program with EESA and spend four weeks of your summer traveling through seven cities in six European countries while earning 8 college credits along the way! Or choose a two-week option for half the cost.The cities you visit will be your classroom as ...