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A Guide to High School Programs Abroad in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the archetypal Central European country, caught between competing eastern and western influences yet always finding a way to retain its spirit of independence and national pride. Although it has had a long and tumultuous history, most recently manifested in a Soviet occupation throughout the Cold War, today the Czech Republic is considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Attending a high school program in the Czech Republic will introduce you to a fascinating, resilient culture in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.


Far and away, Prague is the most popular destination for study abroad programs in the Czech Republic. In fact, it is the fourth most popular travel destination in the entire European Union, trailing only London, Paris, and Rome. Prague has for a long time been the central focus of the Czech national identity, formerly serving as the capital of Bohemia and today remaining the Czech Republic’s capital and largest city. One of the most architecturally rich, historically intriguing, and down-right fun cities in the world, Prague is a top-tier destination to study abroad for high school students.

If you want to experience a quieter life away from the big city, there are other options in both towns and smaller cities across the countryside which can provide a more immersive experience into the Czech culture. Cities such as Olomouc, Pilsen, and Brno offer great alternative options for the high school student interested in Czech life beyond its famous capital. The architecture in these cities is equally as stunning, and the locals equally as friendly!

Many high school study abroad programs will also move from city to city around the Czech Republic, and maybe even surrounding countries, allowing you not to settle for one location if you do not so desire. These adventure programs are a great way to catch a glimpse of life in several regions of Central Europe during a short period of time.

Programs & Placements

High school programs in the Czech Republic are often centered around exploring Czech history and culture. They typically run in the summertime and are offered for durations as shorts as a week or as long as two months. Components of a high school program in the Czech Republic include, but are not limited to, regular academic courses, field trips to museums and significant historical attractions, and additional culturally immersive outings.

Czech language learning is also a possibility for high school students who are interested. Intensive introductory courses can help you learn the basics of the language to guide you during the duration of your study abroad program. Advanced courses sometimes are offered too, though this is less common because Czech is not a language typically offered by high schools.

Students who want to focus in a specialized subject, such as writing or art, will also find fruitful opportunity studying abroad in the Czech Republic. Many Czech cities, especially Prague, are widely respected for their youthful bohemian culture, and creative types of all sorts will find the country to be a unique inspiration. Classes in these areas are often available as part of a larger course load at local schools, and sometimes are offered as the singular focus of study abroad programs as well.

Scholarships & Costs

Prague is a fairly affordable city to live in compared with many others in western Europe. As a high school student abroad it is likely that many of your on-site expenses, such as food and housing, will also be covered in the program fees. Programs vary in pricing. If costs are a concern, then you should take advantage of the many scholarship opportunities available for high school students.

Accommodation & Visas

As a high school student in the Czech Republic, most study abroad programs will offer you the opportunity to live in a homestay with a local Czech family. Some academic programs also might give you the chance to live in student dormitories with other high schoolers from all over the world. Either way, safety is a top priority for high school programs abroad, so parents can rest assured that students will be supervised.

The Czech Republic is part of the European Union, meaning that other students from the EU will not have to apply for a visa to study abroad there. Students coming from other countries may or may not have to obtain a visa, depending on the duration of their program and their home country. For more specific information on what visa you may need, talk to your program and check out our Czech Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Go Central. The Czech Republic is an intriguing alternative destination for high school students, located in the very heart of Europe. It is the best of both worlds – eastern and western Europe – and a very unique country.

Look Good for Colleges. Beyond being an incredible experience you will never forget, studying abroad will also make you a standout candidate on your college applications. It demonstrates ambition, well-roundedness, and a genuine desire to learn about the world and other cultures.

Expand your Network. one of the very most valuable things about studying abroad is the people you meet. Not only will you benefit from interacting with locals, but you will have the opportunity to befriend friends from all over the globe.

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