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A Guide to High School Programs in China

Going on a high school study abroad program in China will open your eyes to an entirely new world beyond the scope of your ordinary classroom experience. One of the world’s oldest and greatest civilizations, China has developed throughout history to become the most populous country on the planet and a dominant modern superpower. From the Great Wall in the north to the Himalayas in the south, and everything in between, the Chinese landscape offers high school students a unique and highly enriching opportunity to expand their academic and personal horizons.


China is huge (it is the world’s second largest country by total land area) and incredibly diverse (there are over 1.35 billion citizens of over 50 different ethnic backgrounds). So it goes without saying that wherever you travel in China each location will offer, both geographically and culturally, a very distinctive experience from other parts of the country.

The three most popular cities for high school programs in China are Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Beijing has been the country’s political capital dating back to centuries the reign of Imperial China (the Forbidden City remains largely intact at the urban center and is a very popular tourist attraction). Shanghai, China’s largest city with over 24 million inhabitants, is a highly modern metropolitan area which is a huge international financial and transportation hub. Hong Kong, an autonomous territory belonging to China, is a truly global city with a huge sea port and one of the most impressive skylines in the world.

There are many other cities throughout this giant of a country where it is possible to attend a high school program abroad, such as Chengdu, Kunming, Tianjin, and Guangzhou, so do your research thoroughly when deciding which location best suits your interests. Many high school study abroad programs in China will also allow students to travel throughout the country rather than stay grounded in one city, which is a great opportunity to experience a large diversity of the country’s landscapes and cultures.

Programs & Placements

There are all types of high school programs in China, from studying abroad to volunteering abroad to multifaceted adventure tours. Since China is a much different culture and environment than Western countries, where high school students may be traveling from, most programs in China will be very well supervised and guided by adults so students and their parents need not worry about safety or security. Adapting to a new culture and customs will certainly be challenging, but students will have supportive and consistent help along the way!

Most high school programs in China are offered during summer or winter breaks, and therefore typically last from one to six weeks. High school volunteer programs in China will likely have students working in areas such as community development, teaching, or environmental preservation.

On the other hand, high school study abroad programs in China may entail high school or even college academic credit for participation, giving educationally ambitious high school students a wonderful opportunity to be rewarded for their adventurous efforts while they experience a new culture. Adventure travel programs in China for high school students will often combine education, volunteering, and tourism to give students an exciting opportunity to engage with Chinese culture on a number of levels.

Costs & Affordability

China is an affordable country to visit for most high school students coming from the developed world, so on-the-ground costs need not be of too much concern. Still, while there are certainly affordable high school programs out there, upfront costs can hike up to be a considerable amount (although program fees often include airfare, accommodations, meals, in-country transport, etc.). Fundraising at your school or with your family and friends is a great way to raise the money for a trip.

Accommodation & Visas

The type of accommodation you will be offered depends on where your high school program is located, but on the whole you can expect to be made comfortable while travelling in China. China is a developing country so certain Western luxuries may not always be accounted for (i.e. Wi-Fi, air conditioning, potable water), but this is all part of the challenge or uprooting and living in another country. Your program will usually organize housing for you, whether in a group living situation or in a homestay, so communicate clearly with them about your expectations and preferences regarding your housing situation.

High school students from most countries will need to obtain a visa prior to arrival in order to enter China. The process is fairly straight forward, and your program provider will likely help you sort through the details. You will likely need to go to the Chinese consulate in person in order to apply – check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory to locate the nearest one to you!

Benefits & Challenges

China is an ancient civilization and culture which has emerged to become a great power in the modern global order. Whether you are interested in learning the language, exploring the cities, or simply going on an adventure, high school programs in China will undoubtedly prove to be very educative and rewarding experiences. It will definitely be challenging to leave home and travel to a new country which is so much different from your own, but in the end you might just find embarking on a high school program in China to be the best decision you ever made!

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SPI High School Study Abroad in China

Get to experience two to four weeks in China improving your knowledge of Chinese language and experiencing what it is like to live in this major Asian country. With SPI Study Abroad programs in Beijing, Kunming, and Qingdao, students get culturally immersed through activities such as calligraphy, traditional cooking, and they get academic credits. Get to live with a local Chinese family, stroll...

A beautiful scenery of Li River, China

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China High School Program with Immersion and Trips

High School abroad programs score highest with the potential of global convergence and cultural integration in our recent research. In this program, youngsters are exposed to different cultures and values at an early stage rather than waiting till they are old. Studying abroad isn't just for college students come learn, discover and understand the world for yourself with China Internship Place...

High school students in China

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High School Study Abroad with ISA-HS in China

Delve into the colorful Chinese culture with ISA. High school students will take intensive Chinese language classes at the East China Normal University (ECNU) on weekdays. On weekends students will have the opportunity to explore different famous attractions as part of ISA's cultural immersion activities. This includes a visit to the Bund of Shanghai, the opportunity to join Tai Chi classes, an...

People standing in line to buy street food in China

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Travel for Teens : China Discovery

Witness the wonders of China on a trip with Travel for Teens designed especially for high school students. Individuals spend one to two weeks immersed in adventurous travels, community service, and cultural exploration. Activities are held in five different cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Qu Fu.


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Teen & Youth Summer Chinese Immersion on a University Campus

Developed by LanguBridge Education Centre, this high school program in China allows students to attend 20 intensive classes on the Chinese language as well as a full culture course to gain a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture. Students will either stay in a dormitory or live with a host family and this program is only offered during the summer.


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Study Abroad in China with Youth For Understanding (YFU)

Travel to the magnificent China, one of the largest and oldest civilizations of the world! This country does not only have one of the oldest languages in the world, but it is also home to the famous Great Wall! Choose China as a YFU destination and get an in-depth view of its complex history, fascinating culture and unique society.


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Discover China’s Rich History and Cultural Diversity

Embark on a journey through China, from Beijing to Shanghai, on a high school summer abroad program with The Experiment in International Living. Explore traditional and ancient sites, see extraordinary landscapes, and interact with members of remote ethnic minority cultures. Experience urban and rural homestays and formal Chinese (Mandarin) language study.


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Volunteer in China with API!

Join API as we venture through the beautiful country of China, and perform community service along the way! Students on our Community Service Program in China will get to experience two sides of one of the world's oldest civilizations: the big city and the quaint countryside.


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Tutor English and Learn Mandarin in China

Live with a Chinese family for flexible 3-12 months with free round-way flights, food and accommodation to exchange your 30 hours per week of tutoring to your host family kids. You also get 4-6 weekly Mandarin lessons at Beijing Foreign Studies University or a local language school plus monthly cultural activities to enrich your stay! With 6 months or longer stay, we offer you a trip to Xi'an...


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Dragons Semester & Study Abroad Programs

Where There Be Dragons gap year programs in China give high school students the chance to travel to China before heading to university. The program allows students to take intensive Chinese language courses, explore Modern Chinese practices, and delve into the country's rich cultural tradition. Spending six weeks in Kunming, students live with host families while attending classes, lectures, a...


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Hutong School - Summer Camp in Beijing

If you are aged between 15 - 18 year old and wish to have an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, then you are in the right place. With our summer camp, young learners can immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture whilst making friends from all over the world. They'll have fun, learn Chinese and discover a new culture in a safe, fully supervised environment....