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API High School: Summer Community Service Program in Bhutan

Looking for something completely new? Wanting to really step out of your comfort zone and experience a different culture and way of life? Tired of the “traditional” volunteer or study abroad destinations? The API High School Summer Community Service program in Bhutan takes place in the dreamy Himalayan city of Thimphu. This program is a week-long community service program providing students...


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Bhutan: Happiness in the Himalayas (Summer)

In a country where the phrase "gross national happiness" lands itself on a list of key metrics for development, Bhutan encourages us to ask what we can learn about notions of "happiness" as contributors to our own quality of life. Our journey into the Himalayan region of Bhutan gives us rare access to the sacredness in the vast and wild landscapes, challenging us to reevaluate commonly held not...


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THINK Global School programs

Think Global School is a traveling high school where students will live and study in a different country every semester, combining topnotch education with place-based learning in four countries per year. Students will make real-world connections between their classroom subjects and the world around them, while experiencing the adventure and excitement that each new environment has to offer. Thi...