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Projects Abroad

The program is based in San Pedro and focuses on community outreaches and raising awareness in underprivileged areas. Along with your group, you will work alongside qualified medical professionals to plan and run these outreaches and public health campaigns. The campaigns, which are a vital part of your role, will aim to raise awareness of healthcare issues, like sexual and reproductive health ...


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Broadreach International Summer Programs

Earn college credit, certifications and service hours as you explore the world and your place in it. Since 1993, Broadreach has taken over 14,000 students on adventures abroad that inspire new ideas and awaken passions you’ll continue to explore long after you’ve returned home. Have the best summer ever while gaining valuable experience that makes any college application shine.


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College Course Credit Internships Overseas

Embarking on an internship abroad is a great opportunity to gain valuable practical skills in your field while experiencing immersion in a new culture. You will have the opportunity to make a positive impact while gaining relevant work experience that will distinguish you to prospective employers. Furthermore, your internship can be tailored to fulfill course credit requirements at your unive...


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Central America Gap Year Semester | Pacific Discovery

How do you want to experience our world? Join us for a life-changing, overland journey thought the cultural heart of Central America: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. On our Central America Semester, you'll travel in a fun, safe and supportive group of 14 students with two instructors to facilitate and mentor your experience. You'll get involved in rewarding service lear...


Gud Mawin: Belize, The Road Less Traveled

Travel to Belize for an enriching 19-day adventure with The Road Less Traveled. Staying in a picturesque destination, volunteers will have an exciting time helping the community, enjoying the sights and activities, and earning certifications along the way. Participants can build on advanced and open water PADI Scuba diving certifications and other specialty certifications. Depending on the l...


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Shark Conservation in Belize

By learning more about sharks and how they interact with the world around them, volunteers can show people why this misunderstood beast deserves to be saved. With the help from Earthwatchers, Dr. Demian Chapman has already accomplished a lot for the sharks of Belize. He has teamed up with fishermen and the government to strengthen shark fishing regulations and he has secured protected status fo...


2017 Belize 10 Day Marine Conservation Expedition

Are you passionate about exploring the world? Begin your journey with our meaningful travel programs at Smithsonian Student Adventures! Enroll in our 2017 Belize 10 Day Marine Conservation Expedition. This wonderful adventure will take you to St. George’s Caye and San Ignacio, where you will engage in numerous activities - ranging from biological fieldwork to sightseeing. Our mission is to i...