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A Guide to Gap Year Volunteering

Does your last year of high school or college have you feeling as worn out as your old gym socks? Sounds like you need a breather from all things university life—leaving all of your stresses behind for gap year volunteering could be just the fix. Today’s travel-seekers have more incredible gap year volunteer programs at their fingertips than ever before. And, you can live it up on your trip while still making a positive difference in the world. Ready for a meaningful change of pace in your life? No worries—gap year volunteer programs have got you covered! Here’s what you need to make the most of it.

Everything else you need to know about volunteer gap year programs

Costs. So how much dough will gap year volunteering cost you? Program fees vary depending on the length of the program, the number of countries that will be visited, and the program’s cost of operations. The price will also depend on what’s included. Some programs will have a price tag that amounts to a year of college tuition! But don’t freak out! You can save up your summer job salary, ask family and friends for donations, apply for grants, or kick off a stellar fundraiser using this FundMyTravel tool.

Accommodations. When it comes to a gap year crash pad, there are a couple of different set-ups. You could be sharing a room with fellow volunteers or have your own room in a local host family’s home. Now, if the idea of shacking up with new faces sounds intimidating, hakuna matata! It’s totally normal to feel nervous about living with strangers. Just remember that making new friends is a healthy part of the gap year volunteering abroad experience. 

Visas. As a gapper, you’ll need some credentials to live in the country you’re volunteering in. This will be a visa that vouches for the fact that you’re legally staying in the country for a period of time. Your gap year coordinators may take care of getting your visa, or they’ll give you all the deets on how to get it when you land at the airport. Wanna get a head start on understanding visa requirements for gap year volunteer opportunities? Use this nifty GoAbroad embassy directory to get contact info for any embassy in seconds!

Safety. Your gap year volunteer work is going to be filled with some pretty mind-blowing and life-changing adventures. So while you’re riding the wave, don’t forget about personal safety. As a foreigner, you’ll be in unfamiliar territory and run into different cultural norms. Basic street smarts can significantly lower chances of lousy experiences like getting robbed. Leave your passport tucked away safely in your room and walk with copies of it. Ask your program staff for even more safety advice!

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

So what’s the lowdown on how to make the best of gap year volunteer programs? Keep a daily journal to document your service work abroad. Journaling is a great way to reflect on your personal growth and sharpen your understanding of your day-to-day experiences. It’s also wise to immerse yourself into your new community by speaking the language and getting to know locals. This will gain you their respect and make for a truly memorable experience.

And you might find yourself suddenly missing the memories of your parents yelling at you for not washing the dishes. Don’t fret too much — feeling homesick while gap year volunteering abroad is completely normal. Try setting up a weekly call time with your peeps back home. Or bring some of your culture to the new country. Something as simple as organizing a Thanksgiving dinner can ease your blues.

Alrighty! You’re well on your way to changing the course of your life! When your program wraps up, you’ll be armed with a deeper understanding of the many social challenges that communities around the world face. And you can say you actively worked to contribute to meaningful solutions. Gap year volunteer programs leave participants with irreplaceable skills, memories, and societal contributions that follow them forever. 

Feeling like you can barely contain your excitement? That’s because there are gap year volunteer opportunities calling your name. So, grab the baton and continue in the proud footprints that gap year volunteers leave around the world.

You know you wanna keep learning about gap years! Watch our awesome video on why a gap year is the best decision you’ll ever make.

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Gap Year Abroad with Projects Abroad

Take a break before college and find your passion by volunteering with Projects Abroad. Gap years allow you to invest some time to gain an international perspective and develop new skills, while making a tangible contribution to communities in need. Projects Abroad has been arranging gap year programs since 1992. You can join a worthwhile volunteer program or internship from a few weeks ...


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Gap Year Adventures with Love Volunteers

Whether you want to support vulnerable communities in developing countries, help conserve the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or protect animals in the Amazon, Love Volunteers has a program for you. With over 200 projects in 40 countries there's something for everyone! For over 7 years Love Volunteers has provided safe, affordable and ethical volunteering and gap year projects. Join a progr...


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Volunteer in Chile with API

Grab this opportunity to lend a hand and use your skills or talents for a good cause! API offers countless opportunities for personal growth and professional development through volunteer placements in Chile. These are available in the areas of Coaching (Surfing), Child care, Environmental Education, Reforestation, Youth Empowerment, Tutoring, Teaching, and Social Justice, among others. We h...


Senegal Medical Internship with Frontier

Senegal is a multifaceted and vibrant country famous for its art heritage and a rich tapestry of interwoven musical roots. Despite its diminutive size, Senegal has its own unique amalgamation of exotic music, tempting cuisine and ancient customs, making it a veritable melting pot of cultural discovery. Visit a pristine ivory coast line laced with the dramatic expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, wher...


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BUNAC - Gap Year Abroad

A Gap Year is more than just a holiday. It gives you the opportunity to learn new skills for your future employment, and experience a totally new culture whilst having an unforgettable experience with lots of new friends. Although it might sound daunting, it's really exciting and has plenty of benefits! Planning your time abroad is key. Enter BUNAC. Spending some time travelling abroad is al...


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Some people say that traveling in Cuba is like traveling back in time. Others marvel at how Cuban music has made the entire world dance. Still others are fascinated by what communism has meant for the Cuban people or what we can learn from Cuba’s sustainable agriculture and forward thinking conservation practices. Don’t take their word for it. Solve your curiosity and look for answers to you...


Gap Year Travel with Oyster Worldwide

Interested in taking a gap year? Do it with an organization well regarded for its responsible travel and gap year travel opportunities - Oyster Worldwide. Whether you are taking a break before pursuing higher education or taking time off from university, we have the perfect opportunity for you! All of our programs and projects across 6 continents are open all year round. Sign up for a progra...


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Gap Year in Israel - YJ Year Course

Expand your mind, your horizons, and your life experience as you discover another culture, volunteer, study, and develop your Jewish identity before heading off to college. Young Judaea Year Course, the original gap year in Israel, gives you the opportunity to step out into the world, gain valuable life experience and skills, and begin the transition to independence. Israel is your classroom...


Gap Year Travel & Tours in Thailand with GapXperience

Join the Gap Year Tours, Voluntours and Thailand Experience with GapXperience! We have these tours available in Thailand. THAILAND EXPERIENCE Join the Thailand Experience, a 4 week program full of sightseeing, cultural activities, adventure and volunteering offering variety and diversity to those who want to explore the different elements Thailand has to offer! THAILAND VOLUNTOUR ELEPHANTS T...


Volunteer Abroad in Thailand

YFU cultural exchange volunteer programs provide the ultimate reality check to a worldview based on stereotypes. YFU helps young adults make a difference and make the world their home. Through YFU cultural exchange we help them to appreciate differences and embrace similarities. Spend a year learning Thai and volunteering in Thailand with the possibility of multiple project locations. Possi...


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Hawaii Community Service & Adventure Program - 18 days

On this awesome community service trip in Hawaii, make a difference by: - Running a day camp - Helping to save the environment - Assisting families in their own home Added to this experience is an AMAZING ADVENTURE filled with excitement: - Learn to surf on the beaches of Maui - Hike to the top of Diamond Head - Snorkel the Molokini crater - Experience a real Hawaiian luau At th...


Best Volunteer Programs in Madagascar

You might have been thinking of volunteering somewhere in the world, but don't know where to go yet. Would you like to visit a place with great biodiversity; a place with unique wildlife? A country with an awesome people and great history? And you want to experience all this while doing something good for somebody else? Then you need to volunteer in Madagascar! Madagascar is an island country ...


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Sea Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka

Conservation volunteering is a great way of gaining knowledge and confidence, discovering a new place and getting to know a new culture, whilst doing your bit to save the environment at the same time. Our sea turtle conservation project in Sri Lanka focuses on rehabilitating the endangered sea turtles, whose numbers have dramatically depleted over the years. And when you think about how long th...


Rhythms of Senegal: A Three-Month Gap Year Program

Senegal is a country of contrasts where new development occurs beside centuries-old traditions. The Muslim call to prayer sounds five times a day when hundreds of people stop to worship on the city’s sidewalks. Senegal’s famous hospitality, called “teranga,” is in the air from the moment we set foot on the sandy streets of Dakar. The semester takes us from the French colonial outpost of St. ...


Gap Year: Spanish or English Language Immersion

Take a life changing gap year abroad with Linguistic Horizons! We offer internships in a variety of fields, volunteer, study abroad programs, Spanish or English language immersion, and nutrition and alternative medicine programs. Our program destinations include South America, Europe and Oceania. Choose from Spain, the UK, Peru or New Zealand! It is also possible to combine destinations o...