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A Guide to Taking Gap Year in South Africa

Do you love a big braai (barbeque) on the soft sand beaches? Or do you enjoy scoping through magnificent caves that contain human bones from 2.3 million years ago? Or do you live for the thrill of being dropped 49 feet below the blue ocean into a shark's den? Why not experience all three on your kief (cool) gap year in South Africa? After asking yourself all these questions, start researching how beautiful a South Africa gap year is. If green nature, wild animal safaris, and endless city nightlife doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what does. So go on, take a gap year in South Africa!

Everything else you need to know about gap years in South Africa

Costs. Money. The thing in life that makes people excited and nervous. Of course, you’ll need to save some cash before you book your gap year in South Africa, but how much? It all depends on the type of program you sign up for and what they include within their cost package. For some extra spending money, work to save as much as you can. You can always create a FundMyTravel account here.

Accommodations. Traveling around the country? It’s highly recommended to stay in hostels. Not only can you find a room for under $30 a night, but you can meet some of the neatest travelers around! If you’re planting yourself in one city, look into apartment style housing with a few other gappers or find a host family. 

Visas. One thing is for sure, if you do a South Africa gap year, you’ll definitely need a one year visa. There’s different types of visa to choose from, but it’s best to work with your gap year in South Africa program leader. Make sure to go online ASAP to know when you can apply for your visa. You’ll have to go to an embassy to request and deliver the paperwork from the South African consulate website. Check out GoAbroad Embassy Directory to find the nearest embassy near you.

Safety. Ok gappers, the world isn’t perfect, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring it. Play it safe overseas and listen to what your mom said, “never stay out by yourself past dark.” Mom’s are always right, whether you’re rolling your eyes or not. Make sure to travel with a buddy at night. Oh, and always holds hands when crossing the street—lol.

GoAbroad's Inside Scoop

Want to know some info to get you through your gap year programs in South Africa search? Don’t just read online reviews—contact the alumni personally. Set up a Skype or coffee date to get the 411 on specific gap year opportunities in South Africa. Not only will they let you know about their personal experience, they can also connect you with their friends in the area. This way you’ll feel comfortable knowing a handful of people before your arrival.

Woooo, now it’s time to get you outta here and into your gap year in South Africa! Do you hear that? It’s the elephants and lions calling your name. There’s so much to see, hike, and discover throughout this gorgeous land. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up for gap year programs in South Africa today!

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A Guide To
Taking Gap Year in South Africa


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