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A Guide to Gap Year in Ireland

***read article in a Irish accent*** Top o’ the mornin’ ta ya lads. Even been ta the vast green fields of Athenry or have ya been itchin’ for a journey along the rocky road ta Dublin town? Ya lookin’ like you need ta practice singin’ your Irish folk songs in one of Kilnarey’s finest pubs with all our local mates. You’d be madder than a box of frogs if you don’t hop on the next flight ta the proud, cratic land of Guinness and corn beef. Crack on lads, gap year programs Ireland are callin’ for ya!

Everythin’ else ya need ta know about gap years in Ireland

Costs. Ya know you’d be a hooligan if ya thought that money grew on trees. It’s best ta work at home a bit before ya become the wild rover of Ireland. Talk ta your gap year Ireland advisor ta figure out how much ya need ta save. Trust us, it’s fun ta put your extra spendin’ money on the famous black stuff and weekend trips ta the Cliffs of Moher or the Giant’s Causeway. Start collectin’ your cash with FundMyTravel.

Accommodations. Thank your lucky four-leaf clovers  for your gap year Ireland advisor— they’ll help ya find a place ta stay. Ya have heaps of options: dorms, host family, hostels, apartments, etc. One of our high recommendations is ta stay with a family. They cook, clean, and take care of ya soul. Did we mention, they COOK traditional Irish meals for ya?! Can you imagine all the fish and chips, shepards pies, and Irish beef stew? YUM.

Visas. Yeeee, you’ll need ta get your visa lads in order ta perform a gap year programs Ireland. Your program will tell ya what ones you need ta get. There’s different types of visas like: student, workin’ holiday, etc. You’ll need ta apply for these online and need ta show face at the embassy ta say  ‘lad, I need a visa.’ Not sure where the nearest embassy is? No worries, check out the GoAbroad embassy directory.

Safety. When ya takin’ the sheep across the street, always look left and right before crossin’. Don’t want ta be a scarlet in public, especially since the Irish drive both the right (south) and left (north) side of the road. Ireland is a very safe country, with lots of locals who will make ya feel right at home, but still. Go out in a group and only tour alone during the day.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

Did ya know that Ireland is a bit split? As in, government and board wise? Ya see here lassies, the north end of Ireland is controlled by the British Rule. The south end is completely independent and has been since 1917. With that, there’s a bit of a conflict between the two regions. With that, make sure ta keep an open mind about everyone’s option and stay away from any protesting ya may see. It’s died down for the most part, but some Irish are still upset.

Along with the conflict comes different rules from each side. Make sure before packin’ your bags that ya have both British pound and euros for currency. Stores won’t have any acceptions on whether ya have the right type of money or not. 

Got all the info that ya need? I can hear the bodhrans and fiddles playing in the distance, ready for ya ta bust out in a Irish reel. Do ya have the steps that can be noticed from county's far and near? Get out and find good craic, lads and lassies. It’s time ta sign up for your gap year programs in Ireland!

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A Guide To
Gap Year in Ireland


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