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A Guide to Gap Year Internships

Many people take a gap year because they simply haven’t had the experience yet to answer the question, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” Internships for gap year students are a chance to get valuable work experience while trying a career. You’ll end the year with new skills, a full resume, and a better understanding of your area of interest. Thinking about a career field but want to try it in a real way first? Find the gap year internship program for you!

Everything Else You Need to Know about Gap Year Internship Programs

Costs. Many students are surprised to find that gap year internship programs have a cost - after all, aren’t you doing the work? But finding or creating a quality internship, securing visas or other permits, providing support staff, and supervising and teaching interns can be quite difficult and costly, so there is often a fee for gap year internship programs. Take a careful look at what is included and what’s not and don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions. Is housing included? Visa? Are they clear about what you’ll learn and do? Is the position guaranteed? This research can help you decide if the program fee is a good investment for you. You can fundraise to help support your efforts, especially if you are working for a non-profit or development organization.

Accommodations. Accommodation can vary widely depending on how full-service a gap year program you choose. Some programs may require you to find your own housing, while others may house you in simple, shared apartments or even as a group in dorms. Simple apartments, sometimes requiring public transportation, are likely the most common.

Visas: Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of planning your gap year internship abroad through a program is that they can assist you in understanding what if any visa is needed and securing that visa. Generally visa fees are not included in program fees. Doing a gap year internship in your own country can be a great solution if you are having trouble meeting visa requirements for your dream destination. Need to find an embassy to secure your visa? Start here.

Safety: You can greatly minimize the risk and danger of living and traveling somewhere new by taking some basic common-sense precautions. Know and follow the local laws, keep your wits about you (this means stopping before one-too-many drinks at the pub), and if you feel that something isn’t right, ask your program support staff for assistance. Gap year internships abroad can be daunting but, just like at home, most of the risks can be mitigated by following the law and being respectful of local culture.

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When it comes to gap year internship programs, focus on the now and the then

What does that mean? Make sure you aren’t so focused on what happens when the gap year ends that you miss out on the now — take advantage of being somewhere new on your own! Try the local food. Take a dance class. Invite people from your office out after work. These things will enhance your experience and make it truly special. 

At the same time, plan for the then. At your internship, keep your goals in mind and try to look for opportunities that complement your experience. Do an excellent job at your tasks and ask for more. Keep a record of everything you do and everyone you work with — you never know what may be relevant at your next job!

Pro-tip: don’t forget to dress the part. Yes, this is your gap year, but it’s a time to impress, so find out the dress code and err toward the more formal and conservative side. Once you go right from work to the airport for a weekend excursion and use your blazer as an in-flight pillow, you’ll know you really made it.

The search for gap year internships is not so different from the college search: it takes reading, comparing, and searching for the perfect fit. When you find it, you’ll know! 

Keep reading! Explore the Pros and Cons of Organized Gap Year Programs Abroad.

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A Guide To
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Gap Year Abroad with Projects Abroad

Take a break before college and find your passion by volunteering with Projects Abroad. Gap years allow you to invest some time to gain an international perspective and develop new skills, while making a tangible contribution to communities in need. Projects Abroad has been arranging gap year programs since 1992. You can join a worthwhile volunteer program or internship from a few weeks ...

medical interns

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BUNAC - Gap Year Abroad

A Gap Year is more than just a holiday. It gives you the opportunity to learn new skills for your future employment, and experience a totally new culture whilst having an unforgettable experience with lots of new friends. Although it might sound daunting, it's really exciting and has plenty of benefits! Planning your time abroad is key. Enter BUNAC. Spending some time travelling abroad is al...


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Guaranteed job - Ski Instructor Internships in New Zealand

If you have ever thought about heading over to the beautiful New Zealand for an epic gap year and want a guaranteed job offer when you arrive, we can help! Join EA Ski and Snowboard training on their instructor internship program and accept a guaranteed job as a ski instructor in NZ. We organize your: - accommodation, - Ski training, - Instructor qualifications ...and get you set...


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Gap Year Travel with Oyster Worldwide

Interested in taking a gap year? Do it with an organization well regarded for its responsible travel and gap year travel opportunities - Oyster Worldwide. Whether you are taking a break before pursuing higher education or taking time off from university, we have the perfect opportunity for you! All of our programs and projects across 6 continents are open all year round. Sign up for a progra...


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Teaching English in India

While India has a booming and economically important tourism industry, it is home to more than a third of the world’s underprivileged and poor communities; with 30 percent of its population living under the poverty line. The sad truth is that the country’s wealth gap (rich-poor divide) is very much apparent, wherein luxury properties are often situated close to slum areas. This shocking real...


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International Internships in Barcelona- NEW PROGRAM

There is no better city than Barcelona, the cultural capital of Spain, for your international internship, whatever your interests are. We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in one of the financial capitals of the world. Professional experience in Barcelona will allow you to make paramount global connections and enhance your career prospects. The opportunit...


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Volunteer Nursing in Jamaica with RSVP Caribbean

The nursing program is for volunteers who have a passion for helping others. With the overcrowded, understaffed and limited resources within the healthcare system in Jamaica, volunteers are needed to provide additional support to hospitals and health centres. There are many specialists and generalists areas in which volunteers can work. This includes general medicine, accident and emergency, ad...


Gap Year in Nicaragua - Intern Abroad for your Gap Year!

FSD Gap Year program is an intense, immersive program for pre-college students (17+) looking to gain international development training and experience. It’s an exciting way to explore and learn before starting college. Our Gap Year program was specifically designed for high school graduates and allows you to gain hands-on experience prior to beginning your studies at a university level. Our ...


Athena Study Abroad in Sorrento, Italy

Expand your learning through this program at Sant’Anna Institute, our perfect match at Athena when it comes to shared missions of personalized study abroad and an active focus on service learning and volunteerism. Giving back and global citizenry is at the center of what we do. Founded in 1998, Sant’Anna Institute has evolved into an international community where Italian and international st...


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Study Abroad India: Mosaic of Culture & Contrasts

Study modern India's struggles and progress during your semester abroad. Arundhati Roy writes, “there’s no such thing as an Authentic India… no one religion or language or caste or region or person or story or book that can claim to be its sole representative. There are, and can only be, vision of India.” One cannot understand India from a classroom; it’s a land of color and contrasts, too vast...


Best Volunteer Programs in Malaysia

Malaysia consists of two parts, which could hardly be any more different and are separated from each other by the South China Sea. While the mainland is a multicultural place that has been moderately developed, Borneo will make you feel like you are in the middle of the wilderness. Nonetheless, its jungles are stunning and will most likely excite you if you are at all interested in becoming a w...


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Affordable Internships in Dublin, Ireland

Affordable internships in Dublin, Ireland are available from just two weeks. Friendly Irish homestay accommodation ensures affordability of the programs, while internship placements are based in the city center. Whether you’re spending weekends within the city to enjoy the urban attractions, or traveling further afield to explore more of Ireland, the program is great for students and young ...


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All Asia Abroad Winter Adventure in Thailand

Enjoy your winter break in tropical Thailand brushing up on your Digital Photography and Creative Writing skills while exploring brilliant and multifaceted Thai culture! Your semester begins with student beachfront housing and open-air classrooms where we will guide you towards mastering a new level of photography and writing skills that you'll be able to carry with you through future academ...


Gap Year: Spanish or English Language Immersion

Take a life changing gap year abroad with Linguistic Horizons! We offer internships in a variety of fields, volunteer, study abroad programs, Spanish or English language immersion, and nutrition and alternative medicine programs. Our program destinations include South America, Europe and Oceania. Choose from Spain, the UK, Peru or New Zealand! It is also possible to combine destinations o...


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English Teaching Summer Camp Assistant for Children in Spain

Join the team of our collaborator, a school that offers language classes to children. They are looking for a student with native standard of English to take part in their English Summer Camp in Palma de Mallorca as an assistant. This program will last from July to August 2018. You will complete 40 internship hours per week for two months, participating in camp activities with kids. Take on v...