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A Guide to Gap Year in Indonesia

Swings in the middle of the ocean, daily yoga classes, AND getting to hang out with wild monkeys? Think of the best day you’ve ever had multiplied by 20. A gap year in Indonesia is the perfect time to figure out who you are, what you’re made of, and what you want to do with your life! It can be a time to work, save money, explore a new interest, learn a different language, or even volunteer. Lover of animals? More than 60 percent of Indonesia is forested and the constant volcanic activity has produced an environment supporting thousands of animal species.The possibilities are endless with a gap year in Indonesia!

Everything Else You Need to Know About Gap Years in Indonesia

Costs and Accomodations. When considering a gap year, cost might be your determining factor of your duration and how you’ll spend your time. On average, plan to budget around $50 per day depending on where you stay, what you eat, where you go, and how you get there. 

Planning to live frugal and stay in a hostel? Expect to pay about $10 per night. If you require more privacy or essentials, a budget hotel will likely include Wifi and breakfast ($15) or a chain hotel/Airbnb ($30). Street food will start as low as $1, while higher end meals can start around $4. Plan to use local transportation to minimize costs as well. With over 18,000 islands in Indonesia, you will become experienced at taking the ferries to make your way around the country. 

Visas. A 30-day tourist visa can be obtained through the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in your residing country or upon arrival in Indonesia. Visas may be extended at an immigration office in Indonesia and extension lengths may vary depending on your nationality. Be aware that a round-trip airline ticket is required to obtain all types of visas, and your passport must be valid 6 months past your planned departure from Indonesia. Those travelling to Indonesia for business or study purposes must be in possession of a visa prior to arrival. For more detailed information check out the GoAbroad Embassy Directory.

Safety. Indonesia is fairly safe, but plan to take the same precautions you would anywhere else in the world. Violent crimes are uncommon but pickpocketing or theft from hotel rooms and cars can occur. Keep your money and valuables with you or hidden away, and most important—use common sense!

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

Why do gap year’s rock? By immersing yourself in a different culture, you will become more open minded and have a broader world view. Not only will you make your parents proud, but you’ll gain a sense of direction and purpose—crucial to preparing you for college. This path less traveled will give you a new understanding that not many others have. 

So put a lid on the naysayers and make an investment in your future college career by being purposeful with your life. Research shows that 30% of college students fail to graduate. But with a renewed mindset and refreshed focus, you will fly through college with ease and be ready to conquer the world with confidence. 

Besides the obvious sunscreen and bug spray, you are going to need a few other important items when you travel to Indonesia! Don’t forget your universal charger and most importantly bring your appetite! Plan to eat like a local since tasty, cheap, street food can be found pretty much everywhere. You definitely won’t go hungry—Nasi Goreng anyone? Your gap year in Indonesia will be a challenging, yet rewarding year (once you’ve finally mastered that handstand scorpion pose). So get some courage, grab some bananas for your monkey friends, and set off on your best adventure yet!

Come on, take the plunge! Read six reasons on why you should have a gap year adventure in between high school and college!

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A Guide To
Gap Year in Indonesia


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