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A Guide to Gap Year in Canada

OHHHH CANADA. My home and native landdddd of maple syrup and cool accents that have long ‘o’ and ‘a’ sounds. Oh sure, this place is pretty neat for a gap year abroad if you ask me. What’s there to do in Canada, besides eat your weight in Canadian ham and butter tarts? You can check out the beautiful Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side) and see the spectacular light show as the water changes colors. Or you can also go whale or iceberg watching on Fogo Island. The Titanic won’t be out in these waters, we promise. Ready to say ‘oh yeah’ to your gap year in Canada?

Everything else you need to know about gap years in Canada

Costs. So no matter where you go, you gotta save that money so you can pay for that amazing experience. Get your looneys and tooneys in order (you’ll understand soon enough) then get it together and work as much as you can before you hit the road. Ever heard of that song, work hard, play hard? Wiz was right. Start your collections by checking out FundMyTravel and get that money.

Accommodations. Where are you gonna unload your backpack when you arrive? Have an idea of your living situation overseas? Before you make up your mind, chat with your gap year in Canada program advisor. They know all the deets into the best places to stay. If I were you, def stay with a host family. They cook, clean, and show you the culture first hand. 

Visas. Gone for some gap year programs in Canada, you betcha you’ll need a visa. This allows you to stay in a country for a full 365 days legally. There’s different types of visas out there: working holiday, work, student, volunteer, etc. Not sure what one you need? Consult with your gap year in Canada program advisor. Once you find out, apply online and in-person at the Canadian embassy. Yes, you have to do both. Not sure where the nearest embassy is? Find it here on the GoAbroad embassy directory.

Safety. Better safe than sorry, gappers. Overall, Canada is a really safe country and the people are just lovely. But that shouldn’t take away from your street smarts. There’s no need to stay inside all day or not tour alone, but you should be going out in groups during the evening hours. Make sure you’ll telling people where you’re going before you head out and you’ll be good!

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

Words from the wise is always good to take in before you hop on that airplane to that BIG adventure. Here are a couple tips from GoAbroad:

Looking to get some cool souvenirs to bring back for your friends, family, and of course, your dog? You don’t want to leave anyone out, but remember, there’s only so much room in your backpack. Try to avoid trinkets or oversized sweatshirts that you’ll only wear once. Go to a really cool boutique or small business and buy cool clothes and winter gear there. Or hit up a souvenir shop and buy a flag patch. You can sew it on your backpack and everyone can track where you’ve been as you travel.

In reference to backpacks, how much luggage should you bring? The less you bring, the better. Get a giant over the shoulder bag, and load up all your all your belongings. If you want, bring a carry on that can serve as a beach or touring bag. Try to avoid the suitcases with the wheels. Trust me, the last thing you need to worry about is a broken wheel. Plus, if you go camping in Canada, it will be much easier with a backpack.

Ay gappers, it’s time to embark on your journey to the northern land of hockey and maple leaves, Canada. Pack up your ice skates, skis, snowboards, or whatever it is you love and hit the open road. Can you hear the mountains calling your name? Ready, get set, and go on your gap year in Canada!

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A Guide To
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