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A Guide to Gap Year in Brazil

Your life will never be the same after taking a gap year in Brazil. Magnificent rainforests hugging the coastlines, impromptu capoeira dancing through cities, and roaring green hills as land meets water are just a few of the adventures you have waiting for you during your gap year abroad. Go on, take a gap year in Brazil!

Everything else you need to know about gap years in Brazil

Costs. Brazil can be an expensive country to live in. Be sure to save up as much as you can before you leave and start a FundMyTravel campaign to make your dream gap year happen. This is a way to gain spread the financial support across handfuls of friends and family, instead of the just a few. Another option to help fund your travel is to search for jobs in Brazil for foreigners.

Accommodations. Finding a place to rent yourself can be hard in Brazil, as most people own homes. If you opt to go on the route towards a formal program, coordinating your accommodations will typically be taken care of. It’s just one of the many perks! You can also opt in to a homestay living situation if you’d like to make meaningful connections with locals, improve your Portuguese, or have a deeper look into what day-to-day life looks like here. Or, opt for guest houses or apartments with other gappers like yourself!

Visas. You can stay on a tourist visa in Brazil for six months, but you’ll need to get a longer visa to be able to stay for the full duration of your gap year abroad. Refer to the GoAbroad embassy directory to get started on this process—it can be a doozy, and should be paid very close attention to.

Safety. Brazil can get a bad rap for its crime rates; don’t let this scare you away though. Polish up on your street smarts, keep valuables locked up and hidden, and don’t take drinks or snacks from strangers. Women should note that exaggerated “flirtation” by men can be common here. It’s generally just seen as a nuisance; hold your ground, don’t feed the trolls, and you’ll be fine. Ask your gap year program provider for more helpful safety tips in Brazil.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

Good for you for taking a chance on a gap year. Gap years rock, end of story...well...it can be complex. Taking a gap year abroad (at any time of your life—NO EXCUSES!!) is like putting your personal growth on overdrive. Now, taking a gap year in Brazil is going to be one heck of an adventure. But it requires intention, reflection, and accountability. That’s why we love gap year program providers—they can provide the environment and structure to really help you thrive.

Pack your dancing shoes, your camera, and your guts for this trip. Brazil is going to test your ability to live life the fullest. Between late night samba parties to waking up at sunrise to watch the day greet Touchdown Jesus, every moment of your gap year in Brazil will be magical. Just don’t overdose on pão de queijo or brigadeiros, ka-peesh?

If a total language immersive, beach hopping, Amazon adventuring, and culture shocking gap year abroad is your thing, look no farther than your next gap year in Brazil.

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A Guide To
Gap Year in Brazil


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