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A Guide to Visual Arts Degrees Abroad

There’s no doubt that the best artists are those who have been exposed to every type of art, from the most classic realism to the boldly modern. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, photographer, or architect, you crave experience and exposure to a variety of art forms because they provide inspiration. By pursuing degrees in visual arts abroad, you will not only become a global citizen, but you will undoubtedly experience art in forms you have never seen before. What better way to get inspired and begin your artistic career! Sign up to be a visual arts major then jetset abroad to complete your degree.

Why Earn Visual Arts Degrees Abroad

True artists understand that art lies in every aspect of life. It defines a country and its culture through the food, language, clothing, and architecture. An international degree in visual arts allows you to gain a better understanding of our increasingly complex and interconnected world. Not only do students gain international experience that makes them valuable to any job post-graduation, but they also experience a new culture through a creative lens, gaining inspiration from ancient architecture, vibrant people, and passionate art pieces.

Your future employers will love your curiosity and creativity, and most importantly, they will admire you for stepping out of your comfort zone and viewing art as it is intended to be seen: not in a textbook, but in real life


As a visual arts student, you read about the works of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, and Salvador Dali, and you may admire photographs of their well-known pieces. But imagine experiencing your greatest inspirations firsthand. When choosing a location to earn your visual arts degree abroad, you have the opportunity to make these textbook artworks come to life!

Students can live, eat, and breathe art throughout much of Europe. Italy’s artistic history makes it an ideal location to pursue a degree in visual arts abroad. Many universities focus on art and design, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to experience all art forms, both inside and outside of the classroom. Step through the doors of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City and gaze at Michelangelo’s majestic ceiling masterpiece, or stand beneath his statue of David in Florence to admire one of the world’s greatest sculptures. Wander the streets and stumble into galleries and museums on every corner, and indulge your senses to find inspiration in the romantic language, creamy gelato, and ancient Renaissance architecture. Visual arts degrees in Italy are hard to top!

Spain is another dream destination for artists-in-the-making. Many famous art galleries and museums can be found in most major cities, so students will never run out of creative muses. Travel to Barcelona to get a taste of Catalan and paella while getting lost in the surreal world of Salvador Dali, or spend your days in Madrid where you’ll travel back in time with the historical pieces of Diego Velazquez. There will never be a shortage of tapas and sangria to quench your taste buds in between museum visits while you get a degree abroad in Spain.

France is another popular European destination with world-famous visual arts schools and museums. Students can enroll in classes in Paris, the central and most popular French destination, where they can earn a top-notch international degree, while spending time outside of the classroom at the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, or Pompidou. Soak up the sun in the French countryside, seek inspiration in the works of Claude Monet, or take the opportunity to see the Mona Lisa in person after a day spent sipping white wine beneath the Eiffel Tower.

Visual Arts Degrees

Earning a visual arts degree abroad is an experience unlike any other. While it is possible to earn a degree in your home country, an international degree in visual arts will expand your horizons on many different levels. Attending top arts schools around the world is a learning experience that combines artistic passion with a new culture, language, and perspective. Whether you are looking to combine your studies with language immersion or you simply want to see your favorite works in person, visual artists of all types can find international degree programs to fit all their wants and desires.

No matter where you choose to study, it is possible to find both undergraduate and graduate level programs in visual arts abroad. As an undergrad student, you will learn the basics of artistic skills. Try your hand at sculpting, painting, sketching, woodwork, screen-printing, and even digital media to feel out where your passion lies. Take classes in art history to learn the story behind your favorite pieces and how various mediums have developed. And don’t be afraid to dive in and immerse yourself in the world of art, honing in on your own special skill set. 

As an international graduate student in visual arts, you will have the opportunity to earn an advanced degree focusing on one artistic area. This degree could consist of one year of studies directly combined with your international undergrad degree, or you could earn your masters after studying at one of your home institutions.

While studies are essential to earning your degree, it is important to find time to get out of the classroom, as much of your inspiration will be found in the outside world. Most international degree programs in the visual arts coordinate cultural and social events to allow students to get out of class and get to know their new cities. In addition to exploring and seeking inspiration on their own, students also have the option to complete an internship alongside their studies. This is a perfect opportunity for those hoping to enhance their professional qualifications and begin work in the real world.

Benefits & Challenges

As an international visual arts student, you may find a muse you never knew existed. You will experience a new way of life, and with that comes new ideas and customs. By being exposed to different people, places, and cultures you will refresh your mind and gain the ability to look at the creative world through a new lens.

The artistic world is constantly changing. International degree programs in visual arts have begun to expand across many different disciplines, taking on various expressions of design. By breaking out of your comfort zone and experiencing art in a new light, you will develop your creativity and pique your curiosity on a new level that only comes with the cross-cultural awareness brought on by studying in a foreign land.

Studying internationally often means living in a country that speaks a foreign language. While this can be challenging at first, especially if your classes are taught in the native tongue, combining your international visual arts degree with language studies can be a great opportunity to improve your cultural immersion. Not only will you come to better understand your new home, but you’ll also gain skills that will make you highly marketable to future employers.

If you have a passion for travel and creativity and an appreciation for art in its purest form, then earning a degree abroad in visual arts could be the perfect opportunity for you. You’ll explore a new part of the world while learning and expanding upon your passion, and you’ll find inspiration you never knew existed. So pack your paintbrush, sketchpad, and camera for the learning experience of a lifetime!

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