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A Guide to Degrees Abroad in Turkey

Having served as the seat of power for the mighty Byzantine and Ottoman empires over the course of the past millennium, Turkey has for long been one of the most influential nations not only in the Mediterranean region, but the entire globe. Sitting at the crossroads between Europe and the Middle East, it is also in a unique position of tremendous cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity. Travelling to earn your degree abroad in Turkey will place you at the heart of a dynamic region, from where there is no limit to how much you can learn, grow and achieve.


With roughly 80 million citizens, Turkey is the 18th most populous country in the world, and thereby the second largest country in the Mediterranean region (after Egypt). Because of its long history of influence throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, Turkey is a major cultural capital of this region as well, and receives nearly 50 million tourists every year to its doorstep.

Istanbul, the largest city in the country, is perhaps the single most popular destination where to earn a degree abroad in Turkey. Formerly known as Constantinople and Byzantium, Istanbul has been a central city to the affairs of the Mediterranean for many centuries. Today Istanbul is also home to some of the country’s top universities, such as Sabanci University, Koc University, Istanbul University, and Istanbul Technical University.

Other popular student cities where you might look to apply to schools to earn a degree abroad in Turkey include the smaller destinations of Ankara, Izmir, and Adana. Turkey has a fairly expansive higher education system, and the number of foreign students studying abroad in the country has doubled over the last decade, so take the time to look into as many different programs in as many different places as you can.

Academics & Degrees

While still in its relatively young stages, Turkey’s higher education system has expanded greatly over the course of recent decades to now include over 200 universities across the countryside. Most of these universities are run by the state and structure themselves after European-style degree programs. Many also participate actively in international student exchange programs, as the country looks to further integrate itself into the global community.

Some of the most popular subject areas in which to earn a degree abroad Turkey include international relations, business, economics, history and conflict studies. These are just a few of the most popular academic disciplines pursued by international students, and if you enroll at a major university, then you will have the opportunity to select from any degree offered in the course catalogue. 

While many Turkish citizens speak English, especially in the bigger global cities, most degree programs abroad in Turkey will be offered in the local language. There are some degree programs specifically tailored for international students and taught in the English language, but you will find that making the effort to learn Turkish will open an entirely new world of opportunities both in your academic pursuits and social life beyond.

Scholarships & Costs

Public universities in Turkey are made quite affordable for international students, while private universities will charge much more for tuition. For example a graduate degree abroad in Turkey at a public school may cost you as little as just a few hundred dollars, while that same degree at a private school will cost several thousand.

Turkey is also an affordable destination in terms of general living costs, comparing favorably to other nations across Europe. The local currency is the Turkish lira, which exchanges at roughly 3 TRY to $1 USD. For more information about financial aid opportunities while earning a degree abroad in Turkey, be sure to also check out our Scholarship Directory.

Accommodation & Visas

Student dormitories are generally the most popular option at the outset for international students earning a degree abroad in Turkey, though many also choose to move off campus at a point during their studies as well. Some shorter degree programs in Turkey may offer the opportunity to live in a homestay too, which can be a great way to immerse yourself in Turkish family life.

After being accepted into a Turkish university, you will also need to obtain a student visa with the endorsement of your host school. This process if fairly straightforward, and generally takes around two months to complete. For more information on Turkey’s specific visa policy toward your home nation, be sure to also check out our Turkish Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Distinct Geography. Considered an integral part of both Europe and the Middle East, Turkey sits in unique geographical territory in that it has been so influential throughout both regions. Earning your degree abroad in Turkey is a rare opportunity to delve deeply into these regional dynamics.

Historical Centrality. The Mediterranean has been central to the development of human history around the globe, and Turkey has been a main driver of that engine. From the Byzantine era through the Ottoman empire to the current Republic of Turkey, it has always been a power to be reckoned with.

Cultural Diversity. Stemming from this distinct history and geographic positioning is a strong multicultural element which few other countries around the world can match. Get ready for a lively, challenging environment while earning your degree abroad in Turkey!

Earning a degree abroad in Turkey is the opportunity to explore more deeply a great nation which increasingly finds itself central to the global spotlight. If you’re ready for a grand adventure in a dynamic region of the world, then all you need do is decide to make it happen.

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