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Degrees Abroad in Sweden

Once a great empire whose influence extended throughout the far reaches of Europe, Sweden is today more widely known for its isolated yet extremely successful social, political, and economic systems. Sweden perennially tops the list of many quality of life rankings including health, equality, education, and human development. Earning your degree abroad in Sweden is the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in one of the world’s most all-around most successful nations, an experience that might just make your worldview that much more optimistic.


Sweden is quite a big country, the third largest in the European Union by land area, but is also very sparsely populated with only around 9 million citizens. As infamous for its beautiful landscapes as for its charming and prosperous cities, you will want to explore as much of the country as possible while you earn your degree abroad in Sweden.

Stockholm is the capital and largest city by a considerable margin, so unsurprisingly it is also the popular first choice of many for where to earn a degree abroad in Sweden. An architecturally stunning metropolis built across 14 interconnected islands, Stockholm is home to many of Sweden’s top ranked universities and is a nucleus of cultural, economic, and political activity in Scandinavia. Stockholm is often considered the top student city of all the Nordic countries.

Other popular destinations where you can earn your degree abroad in Sweden include Gothenburg, a port city which is Sweden’s second largest, and Lund and Umea, which are both smaller cities that host to two of the top ranked schools in the country. There are several other locations in Sweden with thriving student populations – browse through the listings on this page to gain a good sense of what destinations await you for earning your degree abroad in Sweden!

Academics & Degrees

Swedish universities are some of the most highly regarded in the world, and so can understandably be very competitive for admittance (they are also completely free for European citizens, increasing their attractiveness). Degree abroad programs in Sweden can be very helpful in organizing your enrollment through student exchange or partnering institutions.

It is possible to earn your degree abroad in Sweden at what are locally known as the basic, advanced, and doctoral levels (which generally equate to a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PhD). International students come to Sweden pursuing degrees across a wide range of academic fields, some of the most popular including Public Health, Education, Engineering, and Environmental Studies. You are in no way limited to these areas; the benefit of enrolling in a full degree abroad program in Sweden is that you can begin anew down any academic track you want!

A major factor which will limit your enrollment opportunities is the language barrier. In order to be considered for admittance to many Swedish universities, you will have to prove that your have at least a basic comprehension of Swedish by passing the Test in Swedish for University Studies (TISUS). Some English-speaking degree programs in Sweden are available, but if you truly want the most out of your experience then you should start brushing up on your Swedish ASAP.

Scholarships & Costs

Sweden’s education system is run entirely by the state, which can be good or bad news for international students. If you are coming from inside the European Union, this means that your education will be entirely free; if you are coming from outside of Europe, then you will likely be paying tuition somewhere in the range of $10,000-$20,000 per year.

Sweden also happens to be one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in as an expatriate, meaning that you will want to plan out a careful budget if planning to earn your degree abroad here. For further information about what financial aid opportunities can help you out covering the costs, check out our Swedish Scholarship Directory.

Accommodation & Visas

Most international students who earn their degree abroad in Sweden choose to live in residence halls, which offer a unique opportunity for total immersion into local student life. It is also possible to find your own private housing, the availability of which will depend on what location your earn your degree abroad in, though this often proves considerably more expensive.

In order to obtain a student visa by which to earn your degree abroad in Sweden, you will have to provide documents such as proof of residence, proof of enrollment, and proof of financial stability. Students from within the European Union are generally permitted to study in Sweden without applying for a permit. For more detailed information on the Swedish visa policy as it regards to you, check out our Swedish Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Learn From the Best. Sweden is internationally renowned for boasting one of the most successful and stable political systems in the world. Earning your degree abroad here is a great opportunity to learn firsthand what makes Sweden tick.

High Latitude. Because of its geographical position, you will experience exceptionally long and warm days during the Swedish summers, and exceptionally short and cold days during the winter (daylight lasts only a few hours in many areas). Get ready to brave some strange conditions.

Language Immersion. Learning Swedish is pretty much a must if you want to earn a full degree abroad in the country. Becoming fluent will set you up for a fruitful long-term relationship with one of the world’s most prosperous nations.

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