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The need to train professionals in all areas of sports has arisen as a consequence of the great progress in the sports sector during the last decade. In this sense, sports management is one of the areas of expertise that has become more important due to efforts to effectively and efficiently manage each of the coordination and organizational aspects of sports. The content and development of thi...


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At Griffith, one of our goals is to develop graduates who will make a difference to the world in which we live. Griffith is a large public institution which offers more than 300 degrees across a diverse range of study areas. Griffith’s 5 campuses are located in sub-tropical South-East Queensland. Enjoy either the relaxed, beach lifestyle of the Gold Coast, or the bustling, inner-city life o...


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Whether you want to study undergraduate and graduate degree programs or shorter-term semester and year-long programs, Across The Pond can help. For over 10 years we have been helping students from the USA, Canada, Latin America and Norway to find and apply to over 40 of the top colleges and graduate schools in England and the rest of the UK. Our team of UK Study Experts, who have had first-h...


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The University of Otago welcomes study abroad students from universities throughout the world, and enrolls international students in degrees from bachelors through to PhD. Live among local students of the university, all within 15 minutes walk of campus and the Dunedin city center in New Zealand. The two to six-bedroom houses or apartments typically have at least one local student living in the...


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Thinking about where you would like to study, what you want to study and how you apply? Dublin City University (DCU) is a warm and welcoming environment for students from over 114 countries who wish to take a semester in Dublin, a full time undergraduate degree or a postgraduate masters programme. The International Office will help you with advice on all aspects of study in DCU including cou...


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This study abroad program is perfect for a student, with at minimum intermediate level Spanish skills, who wants an authentic study abroad experience. Away from the crowds of American students who study abroad in more popular destinations like Barcelona or Madrid, you will find yourself fully immersed in the language and culture. You will take classes at an accredited Spanish university and tak...


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Study at Western Australia’s largest and most preferred university. Ranked in the top two percent of universities worldwide Curtin has campuses in Perth, Malaysia and Singapore and welcomes a diversity of nationalities and cultures. Over 50,000 students from more than 130 countries are studying one of our internationally recognised degrees. Based on Curtin’s high proportion of international st...


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Whether you are interested in an exchange semester or want to pursue your bachelor, master or post-graduate degree in India, we assist you in locating and enlisting in the best suited study programs. Our services cover all formalities, from the selection of the most suitable educational institute and the first point of contact to the application process and finding appropriate accommodation. ...


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Deakin University, Australia, is a top-rated university with world-class graduates. Industry-focussed degree programs and a strongly international outlook mean that Deakin graduates are ready for the global workplace. Deakin is ranked in the Top 3% of universities worldwide and was named the 2014 International Educator of the Year by the Government of the Australian State of Victoria. Deakin...


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Students at Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus can study abroad for a summer, semester, year, or complete a full degree abroad. Over 150 universities in the US and around the world send their students to study abroad at SLU-Madrid. On campus, study abroad students enjoy the benefits of a 4-year campus: modern science laboratories, a full-service cafeteria, computer labs, Wi-Fi throughout th...

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Sports Degrees Abroad

Within the wide world of sports, there is so much more than the athletes themselves which make it one of the world’s greatest past-times. From coaching and management to physical health and administration, earning your sports degree abroad is the opportunity to get your foot in behind the scenes within a diversity of professional roles; what niche will you strive to make a home in?

Why Earn Your Degree Abroad

Whether your aspirations lay at the professional or amateur level, obtaining a sports degree within your area of interest is becoming increasingly valuable to finding long term success in the field. Earning your sports degree abroad further presents the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world and gain a perspective-broadening education within the subject matter. Running a great sports organization largely stems from effective communication across all verticals, and crossing cultures to earn your degree abroad will enhance this skillset tenfold.


What sport are you most interested in launching a career within? While the decision does not have to be exclusive at this point (sports degrees are generally very versatile), this is certainly a good question to begin by asking yourself. Earning your sports degree abroad in a country that embraces your favorite sport is a good way to begin applying your studies to relevant subject matter; it’s also a great opportunity to start making connections on and off the field.

For example, travelling to Europe to earn your sports degree abroad within countries such as England, France, or Spain can be a great option if you want to apply your studies to football (soccer), the world’s most popular sport. Alternatively, studying abroad in the United States can be a great way to gain experience within Ameri-centric sports such as baseball or American football.

Other sports such as basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and aquatics are popular all over the globe. For a much different experience, why not even earn your sports degree abroad in a country such as India, where cricket and badminton reign supreme? Leaving cultural familiarity behind can be an incredible experience, and give you a much deeper insight into true international context of sport.

Academics & Degrees

There are many different degrees abroad that you can earn within the world of sports that can be used to move on to a successful career in the industry. The most popular among these at the undergraduate level is typically sports management, which will train you within many different aspects of business and administration side of the sporting world. Sports science, which focuses more on the physiological and statistical elements of sports, is another popular degree track.

Both of these sports degrees abroad can be pursued further at the graduate level, which can greatly increase your depth of knowledge in the subject matter and also better prepare you for the job market after graduation. It is also common at the graduate level to choose a sports-oriented focus within other related disciplines, such as pursuing an advanced degree in sports journalism, sports psychology, sports law, sports marketing, or sports medicine.

Most sports degrees abroad will be interdisciplinary in nature, taking a broad approach that includes elements of injury-prevention, coaching, and effective administration. Different countries vary in the details of higher education, though generally you can expect a bachelor’s degree in sports to require three or four years of study, and a Master’s degree to require one or two years on top of this.

Benefits & Challenges

Transferability. Earning your sports degree abroad you will discover that, while different sports vary in popularity across the world, the mechanisms that drive a successful organization are largely the same.

Exposure. It’s never too late to start following a new sport. Another great thing about earning your sports degree abroad is the great diversity of sport and competition across the world, something that can be very valuable to gain exposure to as a future sports professional.

Adaptation. No one said it would be easy; earning a full degree abroad requires a great deal of patience, flexibility, and effort to immerse in a new culture. The personal growth you will experience (and the fun you will have) as a result is well worth the adventure.

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