Masters Degrees in Spain

49 Masters Degree Programs Abroad in Spain


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IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

Designers interested in developing their career in a global society should conceive design as a global practice. Day after day, the markets are becoming more competitive and ever changing, while the consumer is more demanding when it comes to quality and shows an increasing interest in cultural, ethical or environmental aspects that traditionally haven’t been properly noticed, until today. ...


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Universidad Catolica de Murcia

Tourism accounts for a third of all international trade. It is the sector that creates the most jobs and has proven itself impervious to economic downturns. It is, without a doubt, a strategic sector and a certain bet for the future. Spain is a world power in the industry, with extensive experience in research and development, which has allowed UCAM to build up a wealth of knowledge, which w...


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Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy

The Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy is designed to prepare its participants for careers in the fields of foreign affairs, journalism, or business. Combining a traditional approach to the study of international relations with practical training in the mechanics of contemporary diplomacy and international negotiations, the master programme can be completed in two semesters...


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Master in Culinary Arts in Barcelona

The Master in Gastronomy or Culinary Arts leadership program in Barcelona, Spain, at Instituto Hemingway will make students experts in cooking techniques and fluent in advanced culinary applications. Students will be familiar with national and international gastronomic cultures, as well as traditional and modern techniques. Students will also get to know culinary properties and their applicatio...


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BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

Barcelona Executive Business School welcomes all entrepreneurs and SME Managers in helping them achieve their company goals through Master Online in Business Internationalization and New Market Opening program. This online program is also open for directors, chief executives, deparment managers, and middle managers who are all interested in gaining and expanding their skills. This Masters p...


HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism and Languages

The program aims for students to acquire the necessary knowledge to work in a Food & Beverages Business. The program focuses on a number of topics, including the food sector structure, establishment business plan, deep menu and beverage knowledge, menu planning, hiring process, employee training techniques, catering event management, marketing and promotion issues, quality control. Business ski...


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Postgraduate Programme in Molecular Biosciences

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is one of the best institutions for research work in the area of Molecular Biosciences. It is one of the top Spanish universities in terms of the impact of its scientific publications in this area. Students develop essential skills that can be used for research in the areas of Molecular Biomedicine, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry and similar fields....


Master in Advanced Design & Digital Architecture (Barcelona)

Since the Modernist Movement phased out, architecture theory has shown a strong interest in positivist project methodologies. On the one hand, the study of complexity and dynamic systems has restored interest in the study of networks, "bottom-up" methods, adaptive systems, genetics and the automatic creation of form as the pillars of a new generation of design techniques. The relentless emergen...


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Marbella International University Centre

This one-year Master’s program involves 2 semesters of English courses centered around technology and data use in business analytics. With the increasing importance of computers in managing vital information, such as consumer trends and average sales, you will benefit greatly from this study. Considering today’s innovative solutions, technology use can be stored and tracked digitally. Whethe...


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Barcelona Technology School

The Master in Big Data Solutions program at Barcelona Technology School permits students to combine business skills, big data technologies, and analytical competencies, and become international professionals who are able to discover insights and opportunities, and boost innovation. Students will learn how to extract relevant insights from data generating strategic solutions for any kind of o...