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A Guide to Russian Language & Literature Degrees Abroad

What better way to master the Russian language than by simultaneously studying its literature? Boasting a language that is in extremely high demand among global professionals, along with a literary culture that is renowned for producing some of the greatest writers the world has seen, earning a Russian language and literature degree abroad can be an endless source of academic intrigue for ambitious international students from across the planet.

Why Earn Your Degree Abroad

Earning your degree abroad in Russian language and literature can immerse you within the tremendous cultural depth of this influential world power. From Dostoevsky to Tolstoy and from Trotsky to Lenin, Russia has been a leading source of intellectual history for hundreds of years. The only way to truly engage deeply with the material is by mastering the language, and earning your Russian language and literature degree abroad is the opportunity to do both in a stimulating global setting.


Well for starters, there’s Russia; if you’re going to go all in by earning a Russian language and literature degree abroad, then why not go straight to the source? Russia boasts many prestigious universities and is beginning to open its doors wider to international students in an effort to engage globally in the post-Soviet era. Travelling to earn your Russian language and literature degree abroad in an academically potent city such as St. Petersburg will be the natural option for many.

Alternatives do exist, however. One perk of earning your Russian language and literature degree abroad outside of the country itself is that degree programs will be tailored more to an introductory demographic, i.e. non-Russian students who are unfamiliar with the language and culture. English-speaking countries such as England, Australia, and the United States boast the additional perk of hosting some of the most highly touted universities in the world, as well.

In the end, the choice is fully yours of where to earn your Russian language and literature degree abroad. It makes intuitive sense to travel to the country itself for a fully immersive experience, but there can also be a case made for studying abroad in other countries as well.

Academics & Degrees

Russian language and literature degree programs are fairly straightforward around the world; you begin with the basics of both, then continue to delve deeper into the material the further along you go. The degree is often constructed similarly to a double-major at the undergraduate level, separately studying the foundations of Russian language and then English-translated works of comparative literature.

When the two areas coalesce, usually toward the end of an undergraduate degree program, then the study of Russian language and linguistics will be applied toward reading original Russian renditions. At the graduate level, if you choose to advanced toward earning a Master’s or PhD in Russian language and literature abroad, then a full transition to the Russian language becomes typical.

Many students choose to study Russian language and literature out of a literary passion for the subject matter, while many others choose to study out of a practical desire to master the Russian language for other pursuits. Among the former, academia, translations, and other realms of publication and education are generally the most popular career pursuits once equipped with a Russian language and literature degree. Among the latter, many graduates choose to move on and work in international business, international relations, or for NGOS.

Benefits & Challenges

The Masters. Internationally renowned writers and thinkers including Gogol, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Chekhov have been some of the most influential voices in literary history. Learning their language is the only way to truly appreciate their mastery.

Linguistic Payoff. At the same time, struggling with these extremely dense texts will inexorably improve your own mastery over the Russian language. Reading, writing, and speaking as much as possible is the only way to get better.

Complex Structures. Put simply, Russian is not an easy language to learn. With a much different alphabet and syntax from English, pushing yourself to becoming fluent in this new tongue will greatly improve your ability to move on and learn any number of other languages as well.

Earning a degree abroad in Russian language and literature can be, in concurrence with the material of their greatest writers, an existentially awakening experience. Are you ready to take it on?

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A Guide To
Russian Language & Literature Degrees Abroad


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