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Earning A Psychology Degree Abroad

Psychology is an academic discipline which fundamentally concerns itself with the study of human behavior, or why individuals and groups think and act the way that they do. Traveling to other countries and experiencing firsthand how people in an entirely different environment interact can be extraordinarily enlightening and reveal the universal factors which underlie the entire field of psychology. In the end, beneath our different cultures and social systems, we are all simply human. Earning a degree abroad in Psychology will enable you to delve deeply into the entrenched layers of “nurture” and understand the “nature” which binds us all.


Wherever you earn your psychology degree abroad, you will benefit from having uprooted and placed yourself in an entirely different environmental context. This is the first step to developing an in-depth appreciation for the field of psychology. However, different regions of the world will generally offer their own distinct spin on the subject, so first and foremost you should consider location when deciding where to pursue your psychology degree abroad. Since it is an increasingly popular academic discipline, many major universities across the world boast thriving psychology departments and subsequent psychology degree programs. 

Some of the best psychology departments in Western education can be found in the halls of Kings College London in the England, the University of Queensland in Australia, and the University of Toronto in Canada. Alternatively, the University of Hong Kong in China, National University of Singapore in Singapore, and the University of Tokyo in Japan offer equally respectable psychology degree programs and will expose you to a different take on the field in the context of Eastern Civilizations. Obviously all of these world-class universities represent the cream of the crop, but together the latter provide a fairly representative portrayal of the regions of the world where psychology is a highly popular discipline of academic study.

Wherever you earn a psychology degree abroad, the first and foremost requirement should be that you study in a country whose culture intellectually attracts you. Much of your academic focus will be centered around how social interactions shape individual thought and behavior in that specific cultural context, so it is important you take an interest in your surroundings before you even leave home. Keep in mind though that the language barrier can be an inhibiting factor; if you are not willing to pursue language study in addition to your psychology degree abroad then make sure your host university offers courses taught in English (or whatever your native tongue may be).

Degrees & Programs

Psychology is a very broad spanning discipline. When pursuing a psychology degree abroad you will have the opportunity to choose from a large variety of courses in the fields of cognitive science, behavioral psychology, learning psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, and clinical psychology, to name just a few.

As you start your psychology courses, it is often helpful to begin by taking general courses and sampling classes from many disciplines before designating your focus in one area of the field. When you do discern a focus, it may be a good idea to become involved in research and outside internship opportunities, to expand your educational experience further. Not only will these extracurricular pursuits enhance your psychology education, but they will also boost your academic resume and advance your international career prospects after graduation.

While you are pursuing a psychology degree abroad do not limit yourself to classes strictly in the field of psychology. It will be a tremendous supplement to your educational experience abroad if you are able to supplement your research in the field of psychology with additional courses which shed valuable light on cultural phenomena which help to mold the discipline. Sociology, History, Biology, Economics, and Humanities are all areas of study which nicely complement a psychology degree abroad.

If you need financial aid to pursue a psychology degree abroad, check out GoAbroad’s Scholarship Directory specific for psychology.


Upon graduation you can do virtually anything with a degree in psychology, and earning a degree abroad only broadens your horizons more. It is an incredibly vast field of study which you will come to find applicable to many job prospects, domestic and international.

Earning a full psychology degree abroad is big commitment, but one that will come to greatly benefit your psychological studies as you develop a broader perspective of the human condition and societies around the globe. You will be challenged, your preconceived notions about life will be altered, and eventually, as you come to feel strangely at home in your new environment, you will discover just how adaptable human beings are.

Most importantly, however, you will have fun and explore the world while you are young. What more could anyone ask for?

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Prepare for the global employment market by studying abroad at John Cabot University. Students will benefit from the solid academic program offered in a highly international setting. Students will take part in relevant lectures provided by esteemed guests at the outdoor courtyards, gourmet cooking classes, wine-tasting seminars, and other interesting and fun activities.


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For those wanting to study abroad beyond a semester, TEAN can assist you in finding the a program in Australia or New Zealand to earn your Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or PhD. Our services are free to you. We do not charge you for the work we do on your behalf. By utilizing TEAN's services you are saving money on international postage, phone calls and more. We help with: - Selecting ...


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Study at one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America while completing a graduate degree in Psychology with Mente Argentina. Program is ideal for students who are open to studying in a completely different culture and environment. Students have the option to stay in apartments with complete amenities.


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Franklin University Switzerland is an English-speaking, US- and Swiss-accredited non-profit university based in Lugano, Southern Switzerland. The university offers bachelor’s and master’s programs, foundation programs and summer courses in a highly international academic learning environment. Our community of scholars and students represents over 50 nationalities from all corners of the globe. ...


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The University of Westminster is a diverse and dynamic university located in the heart of London, England. With a vibrant learning environment and a commitment to educating for professional life, the university has a distinguished 175-year history. It offers a wide range of bachelors and masters courses, ranging from Business Management and International Relations to Conflict Resolution and Mus...


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Middlesex University offers a range of innovative and challenging courses. Students will experiment with the latest technology, access and contribute to world-leading research, meet like-minded practitioners and build international contacts through our exceptional industry practice links. Our students are provided with study areas, practice equipment, and support services ensuring a fully immer...


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The School of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin aims to offer students a knowledge base and a set of skills that not only equip them for the many careers that exist in psychology, but also prepare them intellectually for other careers. Psychology is a branch of science that demands clear, rigorous thinking, numeracy, and the ability to define, study, and solve problems in complex and changin...


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Established in 1999, the Department of Psychology at Maynooth University has since expanded into a vibrant and internationally renowned center of high-quality teaching and research. The department provides students with the set of skills needed to thrive in both academic and non-academic environments. The department offers BA and BSc undergraduate degrees in Psychology, as well as postgraduate ...


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We invite you to join the 27,000 students from nearly 150 countries who have chosen to study at one of the UK’s most historic and prestigious universities! Students from around the world choose King’s to further their academic and professional studies. With over 90% of our research internationally recognized, you benefit from an intellectually rigorous environment supported by welcoming and car...


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Brunel is a campus-based university situated in Uxbridge, West London, and is home to nearly 15,000 students from over 100 countries worldwide. Founded in 1966, our distinctive mission is to combine teaching and research excellence with the practical and entrepreneurial approach pioneered by its namesake, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The University is based around eight Academic Schools: *...


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The BSc (Cognitive Neuroscience and Health Psychology) is intended to introduce students to very exciting new developments in neuroscience, cognition, perception, psychophysiology, drug dependency, clinical neuropsychology, and abnormal behaviour. As such, it is ideal for students who wish to take a double major in a complementary field, such as biomedical science, physiology, health, rehabilit...


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Whether you want to study undergraduate and graduate degree programs or shorter-term semester and year-long programs, Across The Pond can help. For over 10 years we have been helping students from the USA, Canada, Latin America and Norway to find and apply to over 40 of the top colleges and graduate schools in England and the rest of the UK. Our team of UK Study Experts, who have had first-h...


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The University of Roehampton offers students the opportunity to live and learn on a close-knit collegiate campus just a stone's throw away from the sights and sounds of the capital city. Students can really experience the 'best of both worlds' at London’s only parkland campus. You will study for one semester or a full year alongside Roehampton students from over 130 countries worldwide. Guar...


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The University of Otago welcomes study abroad students from universities throughout the world, and enrolls international students in degrees from bachelors through to PhD. Live among local students of the university, all within 15 minutes walk of campus and the Dunedin city center in New Zealand. The two to six-bedroom houses or apartments typically have at least one local student living in the...