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Students of physics seek to understand the fundamental laws of nature. Whereas concepts like matter, energy, space, and time form a background to many other scientific disciplines, physics breaks them down to drive directly to the heart of the question; how does the world work? Earning your physics degree abroad in another country is the opportunity to take this academic journey to entirely new heights, by supplementing your scientific studies in the classroom with a human and cultural education beyond.

Why Earn a Physics Degree Abroad

While the laws of physics remain largely constant across the world, the manifestations in environment, humanity, and culture do not. By combining your scientific research with the opportunity to live in a foreign context while earning your physics degree abroad, you can achieve a much broader education in this sense then ever you could have by remaining at home. Not only will you be able to earn a world-class education at a top foreign university, you will also be able to travel and adventure the planet while young!


Physics is a universal discipline, meaning that most colleges around the world will offer degree programs which focus on similar fundamental tenants of the science. Where you choose to earn your physics degree abroad, however, will still shape your experience both in and outside the classroom in varying ways, depending on the prevailing cultural norms of your destination.

For instance pursuing your physics degree abroad in a country such as Australia, England, or the United States can offer the opportunity for a world-class education within one of the finest university systems on the planet. At the same time however, there are not drastic cultural differences within the Western English-speaking world, which can hinder the value of going abroad in the first place.

As an alternative, travelling to earn your physics degree abroad in other major countries such as China or Russia can offer a much different cultural experience within and beyond the university. The catch, of course, is that classes are generally taught in the local language, so this can be a limiting factor for many.

So simply put, there are tradeoffs. The English-speaking world can be convenient and contains some of the most respected universities on the planet, but there are plenty more opportunities out there if you are willing to take on the language and cultural barriers.

Academics & Degrees

Physics is the scientific study of the universe; in other words, it is a very broad field. At the undergraduate level you will typically be introduced to a wide range of studies within the overarching field of physics, encompassing subject-areas such as electromagnetism, thermodynamics, astronomy, quantum theory, and general relativity. Math is also fundamental to the field, so you should expect to take a wide range of courses within this base as well.

At the graduate level, you can first go on to pursue a Master’s degree in physics abroad, which generally lasts for one or two years, and then a PhD if you are so inclined, which requires up to several years of additional study on top of this. Graduate students in physics are granted the opportunity to assist directly with university research, and can usually begin to undertake their own research as well.

Physics is first and foremost a theoretical discipline, so many professions may expect that you go on to specialize in a particular area of application to enter into industry. Aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, astrophysics, and geophysics are all examples of specialized physics degrees abroad that you might seek to obtain after the undergraduate level.

Benefits & Challenges

Beyond Academics. Studying physics, it is easy to get lost in an entirely distinct world of equations and theoretical models within the laboratory. Supplementing this pursuit with a healthy dose of global-travel can only be a good thing.

Global Perspective. Earning your degree abroad in physics is the opportunity to witness firsthand how general laws can manifest in drastically different ways even within our own planet. Humans and the environments they inhabit present a tremendous diversity of life to explore.

Language Barrier. Physics may be a complex language of its own, but that’s not reason you shouldn’t make the effort to master your host country’s too. Earning your physics degree abroad is the perfect opportunity to become bilingual, which can be a great help down the line in laboratory or industrial settings.

Travelling to earn your degree abroad in physics is the chance to get out and see the world while young, and you don’t even have to stray from your studies. Leaping out of your comfort zone and placing yourself in another country, you will come to see relativity itself in entirely new ways.

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