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A Guide to Medical Degrees Abroad

It’s common knowledge that a medical degree has the power to bring you anywhere in the world once you become a certified doctor; but have you ever thought of pursuing the degree itself overseas? Earning your medical degree abroad will give you a head start in the field of international medicine while challenging you to develop flexibility, patience, and invaluable cross-cultural communication skills.

Why Earn Your Medical Degree Abroad

Students of medicine choose to pursue their medical degree abroad for a variety of reasons. Some are enticed by the less competitive admittance rates, some by the higher quality or more affordable programs, and some simply want to make an adventure out of their medical school experience. There can be many benefits to pursuing your medical degree abroad, so don’t hesitate to entertain the notion. Leaving behind the familiarity of home, you never know what life-changing educational experiences await you in another country!


While medicine is a universal practice, many countries around the world vary significantly when it comes to available resources, the demand for medical professionals, and the prestige of medical schools. These factors and many more should be taken into account while researching the best destinations where to earn your medical degree abroad.

Many of the best (and also most competitive) medical schools in the world are located in Europe. Countries such as England, Spain, Germany, and Denmark offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich academic tradition while exploring a new culture and continent.

For a drastically different cultural experience, also consider pursuing your medical degree abroad in East Asia. Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and China all boast prestigious academic institutions where it is possible to enroll through a medical degree abroad program. The language barrier can be more exaggerated in these locations, but English speaking programs are often available nonetheless.

Lastly many students choose to pursue their medical degree abroad in areas of the developing world, where programs are often more affordable, demand for doctors greater, and admission rates less competitive. Many schools in regions such as the Caribbean and Southeast Asia offer high quality medical programs that stand out for these reasons and many more.

Degrees Abroad in Medicine

Medical degree abroad programs come in all different shapes and sizes. For starters you can pursue a medical degree abroad either at the undergraduate level, which generally encompasses all of the necessary prerequisites for applying to medical school, or you can apply directly to medical schools at the graduate level if you have already taken care of your pre-med requirements either home or abroad.

While many countries differ in the details of their medical degree tracks, usually you will be expected to be enrolled for between three and five years before moving on to your residency. During the duration of your medical degree abroad program you will rotate through many different branches including surgery, family medicine, psychiatry, and the likes. Medical schools also vary on their systems of grading, but generally you can expect your enrollment to be quite exam-heavy as well.

As part of your medical degree abroad you will also go through clinical rotations in order to gain firsthand experience working within a hospital setting. Some medicine degree abroad programs will actually enable you to attend medical school in a different country while cycling through clinical rotations in your home country, or vice versa.

Benefits & Challenges

Excel Abroad. Studying medicine in another country can be especially intimidating because it is such a competitive discipline. By taking on the challenge though, you will tap into entirely new heights of your potential as a medical professional.

Communication. Good communication skills are invaluable to possesses in the medical profession. Earning your degree abroad in medicine will help you develop this skillset everyday while immersed in a foreign context.

Branch Out. On top of the academic and professional benefits of studying medicine abroad, the personal growth that you endure from adapting to an unfamiliar country will prove a tremendous maturing experience.

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A Guide To
Medical Degrees Abroad


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