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A Guide to Latin American Studies Degrees Abroad

Why would you watch a movie without eating popcorn? Why take a summer abroad when you can study your degree in a foreign country? Both questions have the same answer: because you have to take the entire cake of life and not only one piece! Spending several years abroad is the perfect time to immerse yourself in a new country and culture. Besides darlings, when you decide to start a degree in Latin American studies, it’s known that you can’t stay at home with mommy. Studying a culture is not enough; you have to feel it in your bones. Finishing your Latin American studies degree abroad will give you a completely different perspective of the region and a plethora of future job ops.

Why Earn a Degree Abroad

Nowadays people are really prepared, so it’s truly important to stand out in the competitive crowd; the world is a jungle and you need to be a puma, my friend! Getting a Latin American studies degree abroad will give you the real ability to solve conflicts on your own (“Bye, dad! Hello, independence!”).

It’s always good that your résumé reflects that you’ve been studying Latin American studies abroad. This not only shows that you love traveling and that you care about experience and what you’ve studied, it tells that there are no barriers that you can’t beat! This will be appreciated by your future managers.

When a student wants to learn English, he goes to an English speaking country, so the same happens with Latin American studies when you go abroad. Completing your Latin American studies degree in a foreign country (bonus points if it is in a country in Latin America) will give you the unique opportunity to contemplate everything you learnt in books. You’ll wander through the streets you dreamt about and have discussions about the politics you studied so hard.


Now it’s time to decide on a destination, so, to infinity and beyond! However, don’t try to go to the space as Buzz Lightyear and land for a minute to decide which could be the most adequate place to earn your degree in Latin American studies. Any degree in which you’ll have to study a culture will demand that you have an open mind, so it’s really important that you stay open to all the splendid possibilities that you’ll find along your way. Let’s get to the point. It’s easy to get lost with all the fantastic location options available, so try to make a list and prioritize your preferences, buddy.

Are you looking for traces of the past? Don’t think about it anymore, just go to Lima, the capital of Peru and home to many different civilizations throughout the years. Maybe you’re not in an adventure-mode and prefer to go to a more relaxing place, where you can drink mate and dance tango every single night. Yes! The place for you is Buenos Aires, compadre! After you finish your classes, you’ll spend the rest of the day in a street called Caminito, where you’ll find the best tango dancers in the world. The good thing about studying in a big city is that you’ll have years to learn all its little nooks and crannies. Buenos Aires has a really active cultural life, so don’t hesitate if you want to earn your Latin American studies degree there.

Ladies and gentlemen, last but not least, Costa Rica has a city which would be an excellent choice for those who love history and also for the adventurers. San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is a very appealing city that will meet the expectations of everyone. Perhaps this is not a very notorious place to study Latin American studies in, such as Buenos Aires or Lima, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth it. You can enjoy a whole year and discover its gastronomy (try the gallo pinto!), go to its wonderful National Theatre, visit La Paz waterfall, and explore its volcanoes!

Latin American Studies Degree Programs

No matter if you study Latin American history in Spain or in Indonesia, the theory stays the same. The possibilities for undergraduate and masters are infinite, because if you really know the culture of a country, you can work in anything related to that country, such as a professor in college or in a job which applies conflict resolution strategies. The latter is particularly interesting as it demands a qualified expert; it’s necessary to know the history of a country to solve its conflicts, which is one of the reasons why today’s world is falling apart it seems.

“Do I need to speak a perfect Spanish? I’m still a newbie (anguish face).” Pull yourself together, son. Most of universities in Latin America offer courses in English and Spanish, and anyway, if you don’t understand anything, just raise your hand and ask again. There are no such thing as silly questions, only silly answers.

Obviously, Latin American studies degrees contain a lot of disciplines together, which is why the classic student profile is someone who is very curious about the world. Students will have to take courses in a variety of related subjects, such as business, geography, history, and economics, which will give them a precise and immense knowledge about Latin America. Also, outdoor activities are often included in Latin American degree programs, so you won’t be a bookworm all day.

Benefits & Challenges

Language Learning. Learning a language is always a good improvement for a résumé. Besides, studying Latin American studies almost requires you that you learn Spanish, or improve on it if you’re already fluent. Spanish language skills will help you destroy barriers and lead you to all corners of the Spanish-speaking world.

Immense Knowledge. Knowing everything is impossible, but with a Latin American studies degree, you will be very close to breaking that statement (at least for Latin America). Knowledge is a treasure, and you’ll definitely treasure every type of knowledge you gain while earning your Latin American studies degree abroad.

Expanded Comfort Zone. Leaving your comfort zone is one of the hardest challenges you’ll face. Perhaps it will be difficult, therefore, to take your Latin American studies degree abroad. But, after everything, you’ll experience a sense of freedom you never knew possible.

The world is waiting for you! It’s hard to leave home and to leave the people you love for several years, but have no fear; they will always be there and you’re only young once! This is an opportunity to become the best version of yourself and acquire valuable knowledge abroad, so be brave and fly away!

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A Guide To
Latin American Studies Degrees Abroad


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