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Information Systems Degrees Abroad

Are you a problem solver with a knack for the intricacies of business and the fast-paced world of technology? With an information systems degree, you’ll master how technology and personnel combine to control, coordinate, and grow businesses. Add an international element and you’re unstoppable (bilingual and intercultural skills are handy!). Learn how to create the hot new iPhone app, help a grassroots org takeoff, or manage Google’s next big project. By attending one of the best colleges for computer information systems, you’ll be the next business-genius (think: Bill Gates and Elizabeth Holmes!) and be the hero to companies and organizations around the world.

Why Earn Information Systems Degrees

Institutions all over the world serve up degrees in information systems, but the world of technology updates at the speed of light — learning about the field abroad will help you keep up. After all, the best information systems schools aren’t necessarily in your home country. While abroad, you’ll have networking opportunities and make impressive professional connections, as well as see different advancements and viewpoints that you would not have at home. You’ll gain confidence, new perspectives, and maybe even learn a new language! Hai! Those gains will also make you a hot commodity when it comes to finding an informations systems degree job.

Seeing technology through a foreign lens may spark your brain with new innovative ideas, too. Technology is a reflection of a culture’s values, whether that be via social connection, convenient shopping, eco-friendly innovation, or health-conscious apps. Information systems is the backbone of businesses and plays a bigger role in societies than you might think. Earning your degree abroad will help you put your own culture into perspective and make unique advancements of your own. Is getting an information systems degree worth it? Heck yeah! Take it to another country and you’re good as gold.


Where in the world should you dive into the universe of information systems? International students will find degrees in information systems at dozens of universities, but picks for top-tier technology environments pan out to be Singapore, Zurich, and Dubai.

Singapore is home to some of the top information systems degree programs in the world, but you don’t need to attend class to soak up this cyber-savvy city. Singapore’s landscape in itself showcases sharp contrasts between ancient Malaysian history and the most recent technologies. Right next to historic temples are sharp skyscrapers and botanical gardens with space-age biodomes. If you need a break from the Jetsons-inspired city, Singapore has an artsy side as well. Indulge yourself at street food fairs, a world-renowned art museum, and a unique zoo with freely roaming animals.

Also up and coming on the technology scene is Dubai. Dubai has exploded onto the cyber scene while being another city that maintains tradition and runs towards futuristic technology. The American University has placed a campus here with a huge emphasis on technological studies. While you’re not in class, check out Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, topping off at more than 2,500 feet! Bargain with vendors in the covered souqs, have a swanky night out in Dubai’s futuristic downtown, or stroll the sand-colored historic district for a relaxing afternoon.

If you’d like to avoid a language barrier, then soar across the pond to attend the best colleges for computer information systems in England. This little UK country has top-notch universities, especially in London, which has some of the top master’s degrees in information systems in the world. Several of the information systems programs blend many different aspects of informations systems, such as design, business, technical skills, and information and users, so you’ll receive a well-rounded and rigorous education. To take your mind off your studies, explore Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, watch a broadway show in Piccadilly, and stroll along the Thames with your new international friends.

Information Systems Degrees

Now that you have your choice of locale, you’ll want to know a little about your work. The options are vast, and the direction you take information systems degrees is up to you. Code a new program, set up a pristine IT network, or even consult for some of the world’s largest organizations. The beauty of information systems is that it marries business with technology, helping you to work on either or both sides of the field.

Most undergraduate programs are classroom based, so that you learn the basics first. Once you’ve set the foundation, you can move on to more creative innovations! That’s what keeps the technological world movin’. Depending on the area you go into, from management to security to informatics, the curriculum will likely be rigorous, and a bachelor’s degree typically entails studying for a standard four years. All you need to get started though is a high school education and a zest to zap into this field!

After you have an undergraduate degree under your belt, you might be interested in pursuing a master’s degree or even a doctorate degree at the best information systems schools, which can take between one to three years. Higher education in information systems usually involves more research, but many of the programs are interdisciplinary. Choose to study apps design, big data networking, entrepreneurship, or more while taking management courses to become the next executive CEO of your own IT business!

Benefits & Challenges

In many forward-thinking cities around the world, you’ll find that many of the locals are very welcoming to foreigners. By earning your information systems degree in cities that are growing quickly in technology, you’ll be among the best and brightest minds collaborating to push forward even more. You’ll also see a huge amount of diversity. The fast-paced world of technology brings in the sharpest minds from all around the world, so be prepared to make friends from all corners of the earth.

All ideas are welcome, but be prepared for a little competition. Information systems is a booming field as of late because it pays well, and it’s practiced worldwide. The field is a fast-growing sector in the economy and advancing at a more rapid rate than the average of for all occupations. You are not unique in studying information systems, but with the international knowledge and new perspectives you gained from earning this degree abroad, you’ll likely come up with inventive ideas are all your own. You’ll no doubt stand out more to future employers from earning this degree abroad as well!

With information systems degrees being universal, there is no limit to the places you can work, which is perfect for any travel junkie looking to get paid. Pack your computer and bring your business savvy, because with your international degree, you are going to take the world by storm!

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