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Are you eyeing top management positions? Do you want to drive the economic and social success of businesses and products? This Master’s Degree in Business gears you up for leadership positions in the digital and international business world. You will foster the all-round competence that you will need to work as a decision maker in the upper management. In addition to developing an in-depth und...


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Live an unforgettable German full immersion, and a rich cultural and academic experience in Germany with Nacel. What we offer: - A program exclusively designed for Native English and Spanish speakers - Placements with volunteer German host families - Local public High School placements - Placements arranged all over Germany - Personal orientation and ongoing support by the local coordinator ...


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The Pathway to Bachelor Program at New European College is designed introduce students to the world of studying at university level in English. It is the path for students who do not meet the entry requirements for the Bachelor program, to enter the Bachelor program after two semesters. Subjects covered in the program include Introduction to Business, Business Math, and Business English. Foc...


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Step up your degree in higher education through the master’s program, “Responsibility of Science, Engineering, and Technology” or RESET. This unique program tackles the crucial challenges of an increasingly uncertain political and economic environment - such as the impact of technological and scientific change; essence of sustainable innovation; and ways to democratize technology development; a...