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A Guide to Degrees Abroad in Berlin

A great adventure awaits you studying in Germany’s capital city. Having long been a majorly influential European power, Berlin today remains one of the most dynamic cities on the continent, a global focal point of culture, politics and innovation. Emerging from a tumultuous 20th century sitting center stage to three major wars, Berliners have banded together to forge a new identity as a peaceful world leader in the 21st century. Earning your degree abroad in Berlin is the rare opportunity to join this movement, living and learning in one of our planet’s truly great cities.

Academics & Degrees

Berlin is one of the major academic capitals of Europe, playing home to dozens of public and private universities that rank among the best in the world. Some 40 Nobel Prize winners throughout history have been based in Berlin’s universities and research institutions, a testament to the academic integrity of the city. The Humboldt University of Berlin, the Free University of Berlin, and the Technical University of Berlin are the city’s three largest and most highly touted schools, so these are good places to begin looking into programs for a degree abroad in Berlin.

Enrolling full time at any of these major universities in Berlin will usually require that you speak adequate German, as this is the common language of education across the city and country. Accordingly, you will often be expected to pass a language examination in order to be considered for enrollment at most local universities. For non-German speakers, there are some smaller international schools where you might look into undergraduate or graduate degree programs in Berlin that are taught in English, but at large you should expect most programs to be German-taught.

If you are accepted as a full time international student at a university in the city, then you will typically have the opportunity to go on and select from any possible degree track offered by your school. Some of the most common degrees abroad in Berlin pursued by international students include German, European studies, international business, history, and political science. Don’t feel by any means limited within these areas however; a world of opportunity awaits you!

Life in Berlin

One of the most fascinating aspects of life in Berlin as a student abroad, as opposed to many other older European cities, is how recently the city’s most dramatic historical episodes have taken place. The Brandenburg Gate and Holocaust Memorial offer a chilling reminder of the reign of Nazi Germany less than a century ago; the Soviet Memorial and remnants of the Berlin Wall tell the tale of a drawn out Cold War which left the city divided between a communist east and democratic west.

Ever since the fall of the Wall toward the end of the 20th century, Berlin has been a city of emerging identity. While earning your degree abroad in Berlin, you will come to note distinct differences remain between the east and west quarters of the city; culturally, infrastructurally, and otherwise. What is most impressive, however, is how Berlin has been able to build itself back up so effectively into a global center of culture, innovation, and new ideology. It is a young person’s city, now more than ever.

From the sprawling museums and entertainment complexes to the extensive public parks and forested areas (about one-third of Berlin is green) to the mouthwatering food and infamous nightlife, there’s never need for a dull moment while earning your degree abroad in Berlin. The city is there for the taking; all you need do is make the leap.

Scholarships & Costs

Here’s some great news for international student with plans to earn their degree abroad in Berlin; undergraduate education is completely free barring a small fee of a few hundred dollars, and furthermore the city is comparatively affordable among other Western European destinations because of its relatively recent emergence from behind the Iron Curtain. Not bad, right? There also exists the opportunity to apply for additional scholarships to soften the financial load even more.

Accommodation & Visas

Student dormitories are a popular option at the outset of earning a degree abroad in Berlin for many students, and moving to an off-campus apartment is also worth considering later on in your degree track. While looking for places to leave, keep in mind that the eastern part of the city is still significantly more affordable than the west, and Berlin’s extensive public transportation network (the U-Bahn) can make any commute a breeze.

Unless you are coming from within the European Union, then you’ll also generally have to apply for a student visa in order to pursue a degree abroad in Berlin. Your host university will endorse you throughout this process, but in the meantime you can check out our German Embassy Directory for more information about the country’s visa policies toward your home nation.

Benefits & Challenges

Building Back. For all the ups and downs it saw during the 20th century, no one can deny that Berlin is once again emerging as one of the most important global cities in the world. It’s an exciting time be earning a degree abroad in Berlin.

History’s Lessons. History buffs will have the time of their lives earning a degree abroad in berlin. Within the last century alone, the city has gone through so many changes as to be practically deemed unrecognizable from each previous phase.

Language Immersion. As Germany emerges as the continental leader of Europe, German is becoming an increasingly valuable language to learn for any student who looks forward to an internationally-oriented career. It’s not yet one of the six official languages of the U.N., but it’s on the bubble.

Earning your degree abroad in Berlin is the opportunity to immerse yourself  fully in one of Europe’s most young, fun, and influential cities. Are you ready to leave it all behind and embark on the ride of your life?

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A Guide To
Degrees Abroad in Berlin


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